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  1. Here's my Regal 2400. It might just be the perfect family boat:
  2. New wheels and tires

    Procomp 6001's 17X8 with Nitto 285x70x17
  3. Matt, I have a Techie question for you if you don't mind: It's time to get these terrible Goodyear LS/2's off my truck. The local off-road shop is recommending the Readylift 2.25" kit and just under a 33" tire (305/65/17 Procomp XAT) on a Procomp 6001 17x8 wheels with 4.5 backspace. I'm thinking of changing the Procomp tires to Nitto, but other than that really like the look. I called Readylift and they are not aware of any balljoint failured with this kit, except a few Utah guys that were doing some extreme rock crawling (not sure how they got a GMT900 with 2" of lift into extreme crawling, but that's the story). The only change he recommended was to add the 1" rear block because I do occasionally tow a boat. Do you think this setup would be safe based on the comments posted above? Don't want to cause myself more trouble here, but would like to use the truck in the dirt a bit. Real life forces me to drive mostly freeway, work and commuting to Lake Havasu and back for fun with the kids, but would like it to look and ride like a truck - rather than a street racer . Thanks, Steve
  4. So Cal Members Front And Center

    Great Idea - I'm in Southern O.C. around Irvine. We share our play time between the desert and Havasu. A few pics:
  5. 2007 Silverado

    LTZ MAX 4x4

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