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  1. Actually the MAP was just malfunctioning--car ran like new after it but there was no sign on a leak anywhere..
  2. Is it physically possible to convert a 2500 4x4 to an AWD setup? I used to drive a Sierra Denali 1500 with AWD and it handled so much better in the rain and snow than this 4x4 does....... Just curious.
  3. What items should I be on the lookout for as far as service or potentially bad issues when shopping for a used duramax? It is time to upgrade from my supercharged 2005 Sierra Denali to a 2500 series Duramax pickup. All suggestions and hints are welcome.
  4. Total weirdness has occurred Replaced MAP and everything suddenly got better. car runs like new, no error codes, and gets 2mpg better mileage................
  5. replaced MAF--no help will replace MAP today too more codes to digest p0332 knock sensor o2 circuit low I am wondering if there is a ground wire or ground loop going on somewhere that is not allowing sensors to work properly???
  6. I have an 05 SD with a Magnason Supercharger installed. (102000 miles now) For the first 2 years and 35000 miles all worked flawlessly but now it is starting to act up regularly and I cant get my finger on the issue. I am getting code alarms for lean readings on multiple fronts p0171 p0151 p0174 p0001 I Have replaced all 4 of the o2 sensors and all was good for 1 month but back to 2xper day having to clear the alarms I have used up 2 full cans of ether trying to locate a vacuum leak but nothing was found at this point I am going to replace the intake gaskets and get a replacement CPU (off ebay-with exchange) and try that. Any suggestions or other ideas?????
  7. I have a code reader I use on my 2005 sierra denali. for the last year it occasionally throws up a lean mixture warning but there are no vacuum leaks and i have installed a wideband sensor that says all is OK Anyway--I have a warning light on now and the OBD-2 connector under dash does not work--no power- no communication. What is procedure to to fix this? is there a fuse for it? car still runs but you can feel it getting rich and surging so I need to clear the codes.... Charles
  9. My next project is to add a back-up cam to my 2005 sierra denali with NAV---any suggestions on how to pull this off?
  10. I just installed a 2004 LUX Nav unit into my 05 Sierra Denali and it was simply a plug-n-play deal. switching the XM over to Sirius was a bit more difficult. Is there some trick to locating the GPS antenna for the NAV? the thing only wants to reposition itself every 30 seconds or so? This is bizarre... I simply placed it under the dash in an area where there was no metal inteference. I 2-sided taped the netal side down to a metal bracket leaving the "ship" side up and un obstructed...

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