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  1. 1. Which cover are you entering to win? I am entering to win a LOMAX Hard Tri-Fold Cover for a 2017 Chevy Silverado 1500 5' 8" box. 2. Tell us why the LOMAX cover is perfect for your truck? I have been researching many different tonneau covers for my truck and this cover that is top of my list. This cover as many features that I like which are: low profile look, easy removal to have full access to the bed, lightweight, does not block rear view when folded and no required drilling for installation. 3. What features are most important to you when buying a tonneau cover, why? Being lightweight and easy to remove. On my previous truck, I had a Snug top cover and the times when I need to have full access to the bed to haul large items I would always need to have help from friends or neighbors getting the cover off and reattaching it. This would be time-consuming and it wasn't easy to store the cover when I didn't need on the bed. 4. Do you have a tonneau cover on your truck? If so, which cover is it? Why are you looking for a change? I do not have a tonneau cover on my truck. 5. What do you use your truck for? I use it as a daily driver, going to the mountains for snowboarding during the season, towing my dad's car to car shows when needed and minor off-roading.
  2. Yeah I get what your saying. I think I'm gonna go with the black tips. I had chrome before and want to try something different. Thanks for your input and info.
  3. How do you like the look of the black chrome overall? Does it tend to show more scratches? I'm kinda leaning from the black chrome since on my last truck I had chrome tips from corsa. Thanks for the pics also. Yeah, I had the chrome tips before on my old truck and the forward tip closest to the tire had to be cleaned up more often.
  4. Hi Guys, I'm planning on purchasing a Corsa exhaust for my truck ( Corsa PN: 14866 or 14866BLK) but I'm having a hard time trying to decide between the chrome tips or black chrome tips. If anyone has any pictures of these exhaust tips on their truck that they could share so I can get a idea of difference. I've tried searching for good pictures of either of them and have been unsuccessful. If they are on a summit white would be best. Thanks
  5. Hi guys, My name is Justin and I've been sort of a lurker on here recently just to gather information and was a member of the silveardoss.com/forums. I recently traded in my 2005 Silverado SS for a 2017 Silverado LTZ Z71 w/ a 6.2. I look forward to getting much more information how this newer truck is compared to what I was used to in my old SS. Thanks
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