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  1. Thank you! Do you know how I would hook this up to a standard TRS 3.5mm jack?
  2. Does anyone know what the "audio common" wire is (see attached)? I understand the left and right channels, and ground appears to be just connected to the bare metal shield in the audio cable, so I don't think common = ground. Maybe it's a center channel? I'm basically trying to hook up the audio aux input in the center console of a 2018 Sierra to an aftermarket headunit. When I connect just left, right, and ground, I hear both channels, but it seems quieter and less has less bass than if I plugged directly into the aux port of the headunit. 2018 Connector.pdf 2018 Radio.pdf
  3. You could, but It would be a lot cheaper to buy an inverter from Harbor Freight, and wire it up yourself. You could buy the power outlet part and install it in your console to make it look factory, if you wanted.
  4. I'm grafting a 2014-18 40/20/40 jumpseat center console into a 2008 NNBS truck with existing 40/20/40 jumpseat center console. I was going to use the wire harness to hook up the USB, audio, and power ports, but after looking at the price, and since I would have to solder anyways, I'm just going to make my own cables and solder to the ports in the console.
  5. Thanks, but I'm looking for the 40/20/40 center console wiring harness - a lot less connectors, I assume. Is that what you mean by bench seat? If so, VIN is 3GCUKREC1FG406375. Thanks!
  6. eBay seems to have removed their part diagrams from their website, and I haven't been able to find the part number anywhere else. Anyone know what the # is for the power and USB wire harness for a 40/20/40 center console (jump seat version)? Thanks!
  7. Thank you! Sounds like I might be able to fit a wireless charger in there and still have the 11 fit then.
  8. Thanks! If you are familiar with Apple’s silicone case, would you say the thickness on both cases are about the same?
  9. Yes sir, the top pocket/divot. Going to a dealership is a good idea; I'll try it if no one here has that set up with an iPhone 11.
  10. Looking to swap out my jumpseat in a NNBS to a 14-18 jumpseat and was hoping the iPhone 11 with an Apple silicon case fits in the armrest container before I buy. I saw a Youtube video where it looks like a 7 would just barely fit, and the 11 is 0.5 inches longer.
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