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  1. I've leased a lot of vehicles in my day, including my new Silverado. Between the rebates and the dealer discounts, they lease very well. This is a good deal. You are getting more than 10% dealer discount on the truck plus a 2500 rebate. That's a pretty steep discount for a lease. For reference, any time you can get a vehicle with minimum down payments and have the monthly payment for a 36/39 month lease be at or below 1% of the MSRP per month, it's a good deal. In this case MSRP is about 49K. So 490 and below per month is a good deal. I would recommend looking at the 36 month numbers instead of 39. Reason being that you wont have to pay registration for the 4th time. Here in CA that is a big expense. The price should be very close to these numbers. For reference, my High Country was MSRP 65k and I leased it for 519+tax with 12k miles. You are in the same ballpark with the relative vehicle prices.
  2. Here is the other thread: https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/218245-high-country-and-part-number-questions/#comments
  3. There is another thread on this. The problem is that the card is locked and cant be written to. The truck is trying to initialize the card and write data to it but it cant. Floppy disks used to have the same thing back in the day. Pull the card out and look on the side. There is a little tab. Move it to the unlocked position, put the card back in, start the truck, and then it will happen more time, press confirm, and you shouldn't see it again. Same thing happened with my truck.
  4. Carbon fiber will look awful. Definitely dont do that. It will look super cheesy. I mean, carbon fiber isnt used for bumpers so that would be weird no matter what. If they can actually match the color, then body color would be the best option. I'm skeptical that it will look perfect though. If the truck was black then it wouldn't be a problem. Not sure if they actually print vinyl with custom colors or what. I would say black would work, but blue is the only color that I don't dig black accents with. For whatever reason it looks odd to me. Do they make the trail boss in blue? That would show you the result if you were curious. My vote would be to explain to the shop that you changed your mind, but that's just me. It would suck to spend cash and not be stoked on it.
  5. High Country w 6.2, 4x4, deluxe, retractable steps MSRP ~65.5K Dealer discount of around 6500 Lease cash 3500 Loyalty cash 2000 36 month, 12k mile lease in SoCal $519/mo + tax w min drive offs of around $1900 Killer deal on a lease with the current rebates. Contact Ed and Randy from Simpson Chevrolet in Irvine. Tell them Cullan recommended you. They worked really hard to get me the right truck and deal. Great deals to be had with the current lease cash and high residual values.
  6. Thanks so much for all the detail. Really appreciate it. I'm sure many people will come across this in searches as well.
  7. So I went out and took a look at the truck after reading this, but I realized that there isn't any reason for me to replace (or wrap) the upper pieces as they are already black. I am assuming you took them out because you put those shade things on? I see a torx screw on the door of each that appears to be for the bottom window trim piece for each door. I am assuming once that is out they pop off like the previous gen trucks did. However, the small piece up near the mirror and the vertical piece on the rear doors have me a little puzzled. Do the door panels need to come off to reach those pieces as well? Or do the panels only need to come off for the upper pieces?
  8. Yeah, its def annoying, but it's mostly small aesthetic things that just rub me the wrong way. I'm a fan of body colored everything. The High Country interior is a step up from the RST for sure. Perforated leather, ventilated seats, nav comes standard, etc. Standard bed liner as well. Once you option an RST up with all the stuff it is the same price, plus you'll get more with the High Country as well. Loaded RSTs are not easy to find either. However... like you said, if they made the RST with the 6.2 I'd be in that. One thing that the LTZ and High Country get that is important to me is the power folding mirrors. Seems silly but I have a very tight driveway opening to the rear of my house and it is helpful since this is also a daily for my wife. Plus, incentives are really good on high countrys right now. It was like $40 more per month on the lease for the high country with the 6.2 vs a similarly optioned RST. No brainer.
  9. Really good info. Thanks for this. Do you have pics somewhere?
  10. Gotcha. Thanks for the info. Once you get it with the door handles and the trim post some pics up. It'll probably motivate me to do the same. Ha
  11. That's awesome. So sounds like they do have painted door handles to buy? I didn't see them on the parts website yet. Any chance you can get the part number(s) and share the price?
  12. I was in the same boat. I wanted the 6.2, but like the RST styling better. I would prefer the body colored door handles and trim but I can live with it for the bigger motor. Plus the lease incentives on the high country are absurdly good right now. I removed all the high country logos (3 of them), the 6.2 emblems, and the Silverado text. The stuff on the tailgate came off pretty easily. The fender badges were a bit more of a pain, bit the 6.2L emblems were the biggest pain. Not sure why. Used a heat gun, fishing line, some goo gone, and a lot of patience. Added the black bowtie, and put some black vinyl overlays on the wheel bowties to eliminate the gold Happy with it for now. Might try vinyling the door handles at some point. I did it on my last vehicle. I'll add some pics of the debadged look later. Also just vinyled the interior trim to match the rest of the metallic gloss brown trim, as I hated the fake wood. I'll prob just make a thread for that though. And little brother...
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