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    I love my truck and my 69 Camaro and of course good looking women.

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  1. Good to see we are getting more Wisconsinites on here I have since moved to the polka capital of Wisconsin Pulaski. We are going to have to get some kind of get together going for the spring or something I know this has been tried and tried in the past with no sucess but I think if we can work something out now we should have no problem come spring.
  2. Nope I didn't actually get to go to the show cause of work. But that still leaves the lingering question Cruise when how where????
  3. I am wondering the same thing, it seems as though all interest has been lost??? Well I will be up in Marinette for the car show up there on stephenson island whenever it goes on this summer so maybe we can catch up there. Any other ideas would be great
  4. Fix Or Repair Daily come on now if something wasn't always wrong things just wouldn't be right LOL
  5. I am down for a cruise whenever you guys are I am back up north now only about 30 min. from menom
  6. Well I am finally back up in Wisconsin so anytime you guys want to get together would work for me now.
  7. Yes a saturday afternoon would be great that is a Saturday afternoon once I am back in WI.
  8. I am down for something in the spring as well that will give me a chance to settle back down So why don't we plan some spring outing somewhere.
  9. How about a meeting in the middle LOL like Green Bay or something maybe appleton or oshkosh. Just an idea for those of us who live up nort as some would say. I am down for a get together anywhere really as long as my new job will allow off time LOL.
  10. In one month the great city of Marinette WI just north of Green Bay. My Air Force career is over whoooooraaaaaaaahhhhh.
  11. They sure are watz I know one of them myself I work with him.
  12. Well I am originally from Wisconsin up in the great north woods in a small town called coleman, which is about 45 min. north of GB. I will be back there in 10 months when my stint serving our country is over. But I routinely come home on weekends and stuff. So if you guy are doing something when I am on a trip home we might be able to get together. But my truck ain't a 4x4 so I might feel a little left out.
  13. Well it is good to here there is some nebraska fans out there. But its a shame there isn't any forum member in the omaha area I would have thought for sure that with all the silverados I see there was bound to be a bunch of forum members but oh well I will survive GO HUSKERS
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