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  1. Used just a few months and then removed because I sold the truck. There are some light scratches and overall the drivers side has more scratches than the rest, but they still looks great. These will fit more than just the 2007-2013 GMC Sierra. Please do a search on the part number to verify if it will work on your GMC Yukon or Sierra. Part# 17802524 $65 shipped obo
  2. :werd: No doubt in my mind that someone will figure out a way
  3. Windows up with key FOB

    Interesting, I've got a '15 2500 and do NOT have that feature available in the menu
  4. 2016 GMC Sierra

    The look is growing on me. I'm sure I'll like it a lot more when I see it in person
  5. Been a couple of weeks since the upgrade and I must say, it's way better than what it used to be.
  6. 2014+ Mud Guards / Flaps

    Really liking those Gatorbacks but the price makes my wallet cry. Edit: I decided to go with the Gatorbacks after all, but went with the ones with a blank chrome piece on the bottom. Since it looks like you can unbolt that piece, I'm going to Plasti Dip them in black and buy my own emblems.
  7. Had my truck in to the dealership to verify that I fall under the warranty today. Dealer says they will perform the fix as soon as the parts become available and right now claims there isn't a spare bulb in the entire continental US.
  8. Interior Control Knobs Cover Kit

    That's some very nice work

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