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  1. S15 battery tray help

    I replace my battery tray on my 86 s10, with one from rock auto. There is a nut welded in on the bottom of the tray, you can get the block from autozone. I had to get a bolt from Lowe's, but it is the same setup on 2003+ silverado.
  2. Random wires under dash.. need help

    1. do you have a 1982-1992 s10. 2. can you take a picture of the area just above the brake pedal looking at the fuse box, showing any and all wires coming and going to or from the fuse box thank you..
  3. I have a 1986 s10 that has some wires hanging down form around the fuse box under the dash. If i could get a picture of what a proper under dash and fuse box area is suppose to look like, that would be a big help. I bought this truck from a friend who received it from his neighbor, and then was not able to keep it due to financial problems. I have had to replace the rusted out fuel tank and pump, all of the lights, most of the bulbs, ect... It is having a problem where it blows the ecm b fuse the moment I turn the key, causing the fuel pump not having the chance to prime. I have checked all the wiring from the pump the front of the truck and I see no problems with the wiring. I know I may have gotten off topic, but I first need to see where these wires are suppose to be and fix that problem. then I need to find why it wont start. Thank you for your time..
  4. Same Old Me, New Home

    Thank you... It is a challenge to get settled in a new place. I'm still trying to find the right career instead of just a job..
  5. Same Old Me, New Home

    I have been a member for a while, though I have been away for some time(computer problems). My last post was something like may 2013, so a lot has changed. I sold my 2006 Silverado and bought myself a 1996 K1500 Silverado 4x4 and moved form Albuquerque, NM to Houston, TX. Big change and a tone to get use to, But the point of my topic is How many of you have packed up your life and moved to a new State/Country? If I have put this in the wrong place I'm a bit rusty.
  6. Dealer fails to make repair and take responsibility

    My expirence with reliable has never been that plesent.. I take mine to the other Chevrolet dealers in town.
  7. WTB 05 Yukon Denali Projector Headlights

    As the title sais I am looking for some headlight housings, Full set or just the upper high and low beam housing.
  8. Came across this truck.. Name that color

    No I didn't took the pic as I was leaving from the window of my truck
  9. I went to the local dealer the other day to get a lug stud to replace the one that I broke, and I saw this used truck. I loved the color but have no Idea the name of it I don't know. Crappy Cell pic..
  10. Dry Rotted Sidewalls

    My expeience with Michelin tires is that they dry rot real fast. As long as the cracks are smaller than the tip of a ball point pen it is mostly surface cracking. It depends on climate as to how fast they rot. out here in the SW with the dry air they crack faster.
  11. Post a Pic of Yourself

    On the day we picked up My Brothers new car.......on the left, just in case it wasn't obvious..
  12. Post Pictures Of Your Trucks

    2006 RCSB 2wd 4.3 V6 Auto.
  13. What do you do for work?

    Automotive Techinian at Firestone Complete Auto Care..... at the moment

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