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  1. Hmmmmmm......I stand corrected...I guess.....I could'a sworn I drug two out - I must be thinking about the 2000 then. <shakes head, walking away>
  2. There is one (actually two panels, I believe) in mine. Exactly the same as shown on the pickup trucks. There are several how-tos on here, I think. Above the passenger edge of the tranny tunnel.
  3. Transmission Overfill...

    Go by the dpistick, and only the dipstick. They are human, and could easily overfill it, especially from a drum, or think this takes 8 quarts, when it takes 6 or whatever. GM went to a lot of trouble to get that dipstick right for hot and cold temps, and it has been working right for 30 years. Check it after running at high speeds, and I bet you will see some foam on it. Foam is bad for transmissions (and engines). Like everyone else said....take it back to the shop.

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