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  1. Only problem with that is that you can't just weld in a sheet of steel.
  2. I need to let them look at my '88 chevy pickup. It has 297,000 miles on it and it gets 23-1/2 miles to the gallon of real gasoline on the highway. And that is a 350, not a veesexy or little bitty veeate. Bone stock and it has had engine blocks dropped in the bed with no holes, lol.
  3. In about 1994 you could buy that level for 1/3 the price now. Thanks EPA and NHTSA and whatever other government entity! For every gain they make in MPG some regulatory agency will come up with some rule to shoot it down.
  4. While that number for a replacement bed for a GM is ridiculous enough, can you even venture a guess what a replacement for the ford would run? Aluminum ain't cheap. And then there is this fact;
  5. I seem to have the common issue of worn steering components, tie rods and associated arms. I am planning to replace all 4 tie rod ends and the pitman and idler arms and frame bracket. I would like to get some idea what you guys are shelling out for this job. I can do the work myself but if the labor is not outrageous I would just as soon have it done by a reputable shop. If it gets out of my budget to outsource it, I have most everything needed and have found a source for quality parts at a very reasonable price. If no one has a labor cost how about, How hard is this to do in the driveway?
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