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  1. I looked at that. I thought a shovel sliding in and out would soon tear it up.
  2. Interesting comments! Does the strip actually work as intended?
  3. Anybody used this tailgate gap cover 84184471? Looks like it would be good for gravel or mulch, but I want to put on a tailgate strip light, and I wonder if it will work with this strip.
  4. How's your oil pressure? Mine (09) started throwing misfire codes and had to have the Fn AFM lifters replaced, still had the same problem, then the oil pressure went really low. Turns out the lifters won't switch without good pressure, and will cause misfires.
  5. I've had my last GM vehicle. My 2009 Sierra 1500 LT All Terrain was the worst vehicle I ever owned. To start, the front brakes shook like a dog crapping peach pits on a long decent with light braking. Two GM warranty repairs,and I finally figure out the front brake caliper casting is too tight, and it cost me two sets of shoes and two sets of rotors. The inside shoe would bind and not contact the rotor squarely. I filed out the casting and all was well.... Why couldn't they figure it out? Then I started getting cylinder 6 misfire codes. 52 thousand miles..... With Mobil One the whole time. Turned out the AFM lifters failed. The same lifters they redesigned when they finally came to the conclusion it was a problem. So I spent $2700 to have all the lifters replaced. Within 600 miles, the oil pressure went to zero. They dropped crap into the oil pan that went through the oil pump and destroyed it. The garage wanted $1800 to replace the oil pump and oil suction o-ring. I told them to just keep the truck. The price then went to $750, and I agreed to that. They fixed the truck, but my total cost was over $3500, and I was without the truck for a total of three weeks and two days. I was not overly pissed with the stealership, but I lost all confidence in GM. I thought surely they would value a life long customer more than that, so I called customer service. What a joke. They said they would respond within 48 hours, but after three days, they told me they contacted the dealership and they would not be reimbursing any of the repair costs. This after I told them it was GM's problem, not the stealership. So after over 40 years of exclusively GM vehicles, I'm looking at an aluminum truck. I currently have five GM vehicles! I've had probably 15 over the years, but that meant nothing to customer service. All I wanted was a partial reimbursement for my repairs on a truck with 52 thousand miles on it. Instead, I got a kiss-off. And the next day, I got a mailing from GM that they extended the warranty to 5 years for the rear springs which apparently break. The truck is 7 years old. And judging from the noises I've been hearing, the fuel pump is going! The worst vehicle I've ever owned, with the worst support ever! You suck, GM!
  6. My 09 had low oil pressure after spending $ 2700 to replace all the [email protected]#%$^*( afm lifters that GM knew were bad, and redesigned, but would not stand behind. Then, the garbage that went through the oil pump trashed it, and that was another $1800. My last GM vehicle after over 40 years of them. Called customer service. They went after the dealership, when I made it clear it was the lousy GM design they updated in 2010, and said they would not reimburse any of the rebuild. Aluminum trucks look a lot better to me now......
  7. You were way more fortunate than i was! My 2009 5.3 was a piece of crap, the most problem plagued vehicle ever for me, and my last GM. After 40 years! And GM didn't care!
  8. Wow! another spring problem! The GM Turds sent me a note that they extended my spring warranty to five years WHEN MY TRUCK WAS SEVEN YEARS OLD!! GM Sucks. My last GM after 40 years of nothing else. The practice of engineering on the road at the customer's expense has ended it for me.
  9. But if it's more than 5 years old, they won't replace it. Mine's 2 years older than that when they sent the notice!
  10. After the problems ($3500 and total of over three weeks without the truck) on my 2009, I'd avoid these like the plague. AFM sucks 2007 to 2010.
  11. So why did you want to s\do this swap? Did you have issues, or high mileage?
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