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  1. I have this exact setup. I installed the zone 2" leveling kit first. Then later when my factory struts wore out, I installed 5100's on the 0 setting. I've been running this setup for 2-3 years now with no problems.
  2. Hey guys, was on my way to work today and I heard something fall off my truck while driving down the highway. Got to work and looked it over and saw my passenger rear leaf sping (middle leaf) broke it half right next to the block. A little bit of research shows me this is a common problem with these trucks. My truck is a 2009 gmc 1500 and has 75,000 miles on it and is out of warranty. So my question is, do you guys have any recommendations on a replacement leaf, like aftermarket or do you just replace with a new gm pack? thanks for your help Chad Edit, Was wondering is it safe to drive with a broke/missing leaf til I can get a new spring pack?
  3. Hesitation and stalling today

    Hey guys my truck (2009 sierra 1500) stalled today while driving. Just lost power and shut off. It fired right back up, but was running rough and hesitated and bucked at low rpms. I got it home and checked the codes and these are what I got P025a P069e P0606 P064a Can someone help me out with these codes? I'm having trouble finding some. The one code I read is something about my pcm Thanks Chad
  4. Questions on getting a new bumper

    I'll check them out. Hopefully they have a bumper for around a grand. That other posted a website with and iron cross brand bumper for around 900 bucks and looks identical to the Fab Four bumper but for a lot less.
  5. Questions on getting a new bumper

    Lol very true. I've never hit a deer before in my life, and I've had two run into me n the last month.
  6. Questions on getting a new bumper

    Ya I'm pretty confident once I have the bumper in hand I could weld up some brackets to make it fit. I looked up a factory replacement bumper and its almost $900 in parts for an oem bumper. That's why I thought of upgrading to an offroad bumper. I'll have to see how much I get from insurance.
  7. Questions on getting a new bumper

    Nice bumper. What kind? And how much if you don't mind me asking? You can pm me a price if you don't want to post it Yeah I don't want a 3" gap. Prolly just gonna have to call zone and see if they can send me new brackets and ill try and find a factory bumper in the classifieds.
  8. I just hit a deer tonight and I messed the front bumper up pretty bad. The grill and headlights and everything else is ok. But I imagine the mounting brackets, inner and outer for my bumper, are probably bent. Now I have insurance and will get it fixed, but where can I get brackets since I have a zone 3" body lift? Does anyone know if they sell just the brackets? Also is there a way to modify say a Fab Four bumper onto my truck with the 3" body lift? Cause if so, I could get fix it myself and avoid the down time without my truck. Thanks, Chad
  9. Post your MPG on Taller Tires

    2009 5.3 305/55/20 13.3 mpg in town 90% Black bear tuned
  10. 295/55/20 Trail Grapplers Installed

    nice looking truck!
  11. was there any cutting or welding involved? looks awesome. i like the fact that u can keep the stock wheels

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