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  1. MPG questions on a 2016 Sierra

    According to the on-board computer, the lifetime MPG on my truck after 19,000 miles is 16.7mpg. 90% of my driving is in town, mostly suburban. For the sake of comparison, the lifetime mpg on my 2010 2wd 5.3L Silverado, was 16.5mpg after 40,000 miles. I have a very light foot, run mid-grade fuel, and have 40 psi in the stock Goodyear SR-A's I tow a 1500# utility trailer once a week in the summer... probably 10% of the overall miles or ~ 1900 miles so far. Doesn't really make much difference... maybe a 2mpg hit while towing. I have no complaints with the mpg on this truck.
  2. So... you modified your truck by putting on heavy off road tires and changing the ride height and complain it's not the same anymore? Those tires are notorious for killing mileage. Changing the ride height will increase wind resistance. And we also have no idea how you drive... heavy foot = gas guzzling Return it to stock, drive it carefully, and you will get the advertised mpg of 16 city 22 highway. If that isn't good enough... and you really want good mileage, you could always trade for a Prius
  3. 1500 people looking for a condenser

    From what I understand, this is a problem that affects every GM truck and SUV since 2014. There are something like 1,000,000 condensers on order. Big problem. I wonder if they they are made in China? My a/c is still cold... but I guess its just a matter of time. GM needs to step up and initiate a recall... but I doubt that will happen. There are a lot of very, very unhappy owners out there. A/C is considered an absolute necessity anymore.
  4. Does your truck dent easily

    Yup, it will ding with just the lightest touch. Frustrating. Anyone who uses their truck like a truck is going to ding it up. Oh well, it's a truck. And trucks get dings. The sheet metal is very thin on these trucks... anything to save a few pounds. Thank you EPA.
  5. How many regret leaving....

    Maybe I had a bunch of BMW lemons, but my Silverado is quieter and rides better than any of those German machines I used to have. And I had a bunch of them. From the smallest to the largest. BMW's are great if you like to drive aggressively and push it to the limit. You have to pay to play though, BMW's are expensive to fix and they need a lot of fixing. I'm way past the days of pushing cars to the limit, so I really enjoy driving my truck.
  6. Car and Driver tested the Bolt and had this to say about range: "We’ve already verified that the Bolt will actually cover 238 miles during a leisurely jaunt up the California coast that left us with an indicated 34 miles of remaining range. However, the quadratic effects of aerodynamic drag mean that the faster you drive, the faster the battery drains. So in our most recent rendezvous with the Bolt, we performed a real-world range test that mimics a long highway road trip. With the cruise control set to 75 mph and the climate system set to 72 degrees, we drove the battery to exhaustion in 190 miles." http://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/2017-chevrolet-bolt-ev-test-review
  7. 2 or Auto

    4 wheel drive has to be the most confusing and misunderstood part of modern vehicles. There are many, many different variations, but fundamentally there really are just two. Full time and part time. The bottom line is, the current model Silverado has a "part time" only 4 wheel drive system. LT trim levels get an "automatic" engagement system that engages and disengages 4 wheel drive when the rear wheels spin. It is still a part time system. Yes, it works very well, but it is not even close to a full time 4WD system.
  8. Yes, it is an important safety feature that is missing on these trucks. Sure, it's possible to make a workaround by screwing the mirrors way out, but you lose the ability to see where the truck is in the lane (and how close to things) because the truck isn't in the mirror anymore. It was the ONLY reason I seriously considered buying an F150. GM offers blind spot detection on just about every other vehicle it makes, including the Tahoe/Suburban/Yukon. Come on GM put blind spot detection on the trucks!!!
  9. They might re-think trading it when they see the low offer they get trading in a truck that has been in a major accident, unless they got a sweet 'diminished value' settlement from their insurance company. And... if they don't want it anymore because it has been wrecked, why would you want it? Don't buy a vehicle that has been wrecked. I'm surprised the insurance company didn't total that truck. The crash history will follow that truck and will affect trade-in/ sales price until it's in the junk yard.
  10. Weight in the bed? Snow is coming.

    ... two bags of sand will make a difference, but may not be 100% necessary with 4WD Auto. Also, use the transmission's 2nd gear start (maybe 3rd gear with the 8 speed) in manual mode. That will help keep the tires from spinning when starting off.
  11. What differential gearing did the truck have that you drove? I bet it was a 3.08 and not a 3.42. Big difference. Car and Driver tested a 2014 5.3L Crew Cab and measured a 6.7 sec 0-60 run. http://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/2014-chevrolet-silverado-1500-53l-4x4-crew-cab-test-review
  12. I'll take the real stuff any day. They can call it what they want... but it's still Nagahyde to me.
  13. Is air intake upgrade worth it?

    I guess it depends how much time your engine spends at WOT (wide open throttle). Because that is the only time when it will make a difference... if it makes a difference at all. You would probably get better performance running mid-grade fuel.
  14. I had the same problem after the airbag re-program; the transmission got wonky and the truck felt sluggish. I rebooted it (pulled the negative battery cable off for 30minutes) and things went back to normal for me.

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