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  1. Thanks i thought also "one chew mark probable more." it would explain the 6 moths of weird electrical problems. wished wires were easier to get to some dash surgery coming, i got dash all exposed but that is easy part
  2. Sierra C3 unique electrical problem 2001 GMC Sierra C3 – being a C3 there’s a lot of Sierra parts that do not fit, the correct parts on the front cap and most of the electrical are the Yukon Denali For last 6 months it had a good mode and a bad mode. a. Good mode all works fine just like show room b. Bad mode when it switches to bad mode it will last any were from 10 seconds to all day until week ago and know it’s all bad mode. What it does is: · On the Instrument cluster The red battery light on information center comes on (but has nothing to do with charging, the charging Gage on cluster is correct showing charging, plus I have drove for two weeks with light on) · On the cluster the transmission and radiator tempter gauges do not work, the gas Gage does not work, the PRND and odometer light does not work, the high beam indicator light does not work rest of cluster works fine · The cruise control doesn’t work · The heated seats button in door do not work · The memory seat button in the door do not work (seats work fine with seat controls) · The HVAC module is totally dead no heat air or defroster 9 I have replaced BCM, verified PCM inspected wiring and addressed all grounds, even removing the dash board cover to get to the two grounds from top. With dash cover off I found a wire on my OnStar not related to the problem that had chew marks on it. Any thoughts? Anything’s possible I’m thinking rodent damage up in the dash behind the cluster area, from bottom I can see wires up there that I can’t get to, but see what I think is a dog bone? (I have always kept dog bones in my truck for dog) KISS all those simple suggestions have been tried, my thought is dropping steering wheel open up dash
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