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  1. Trucks i have owned in order that i owned them: 68' Ford Ranchero. high revving 302, c-6. Original int w/o a single tear. Original moon hub caps. I was 15 and this was an actual barnyard find. Picked it up for $400 and installed the tranny and put new brakes on it. Owned it for 6 weeks and then flipped it end over end. 72' Chevy. 6cy, 3 on the column. Loved the truck but it was a lot of work. 67' El Camino. Bad ass 400 sb, 350 tranny. Kick ass paint and would haul ass 71' Ranchero. BUILT 302, c-4, custom paint.........fast 90' GMC Sierra. RC 4.3. 5 sp. Loved this truck. Drove it from Wa to Ga roundtrip twice. The best truck i ever owned. 98' Dodge Ram Quad cab. 5.9, auto. Biggest piece of sh1t i ever owned 94 Madza 2.3, 5sp. Was installing alarms and need cheap transportation. Fine truck, just too small 99 Chevy Z=71 EC. Great truck except i had to replace the rear end TWICE 93' Ford F-250 4x4. 5.8 auto. GREAT truck. Looked like a city utility truck but was good to me. 98' Ranger SC 4x4. 4.0, auto. great truck that i still own but never drive. The 4.0 pulled my Stratos bass boat without a problem 02' GMC Seirra 1500HD CC 4x4. 6.0, 4l80. Love this truck. Currently my DD. Only complaint is like everyone else.......gas mileage is horrible. With winter and idling truck to warm up i'm getting 8.6-9.3 MPG. Tires are larger than stock so i know it throws it off a little bit.
  2. Since this thread was brought back to life i'll share with mine. 02' GMC 1500HD 4x4 CC with the 6.0. The truck is a 1 owner before me. It has 168,xxx miles and the drive train has never been in into. The owner before me said he's never replaced anything other than brakes, tires, and i think battery. The truck looks excellent, almost flawless. Just a few very light scratches on the body and the interior is immaculent. No leaks anywhere. I bought this truck not very long ago. It retailed in good condition for $13,100. Private party sale was $10,600. I paid $7,000 cash for it. It's not far from excellent in my opinion. The only flaws are a few small scratches which i plan to buff out soon. It's all stock except for dual exhaust and a very nice stereo system with infinity all the way around and a sub with 2 JBL 10' subs. BTW...........I LOVE MY TRUCK!!!
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