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  1. Had a crazy thing happen the other day on the way to work. Transmission didn't want to shift into 3rd gear. It felt like it came out of second and the just revved like it was in neutral. I let up on the accelerator and got on it again and it was in third. It did this three times and then fourth time it wasn't there so I dropped it into 3 and it went in. I do bookkeeping in the morning at a repair shop so I dropped it off. A tech took it for a ride later in the day and it shifted fine. He said it was a little low on trans fluid and put in about a quart. Drove it today and it seemed fine. IDK.? Any thoughts? It's a 2004 XL Denali with 269,000. I'm hoping it will make it till spring when I get my bonus so I can sell it and get something else.
  2. Local but I put on a decent amount during school running kids every where. Lol Farthest it's been in a while is about 100 miles away. Once a month or so
  3. Well the interior is decent. A couple rips in the driver's seat. The body is rusted out underneath and getting bad by the rear wheel wells. I just converted up the rust with some rust stop and black paint and some black gorilla tape lol. Frame is very rusty. Tech said there is a hole rusted through in one spot a crack in another and bent in another.
  4. So, I have a 2004 Yukon XL Denali with a 6.0, of course. I bought it almost 4 years ago with just over 210,000 miles. It now has almost 277,000. It runs well, but I've put some money into it along the way. Took care of most the leaks, but it burns oil. I get a big puff of white/blue smoke when I start it after it's been sitting after running hard. I've also had to add oil between the past few oil changes. This last time I added a quart at about 1,500 because it said check oil level. The check oil level light came on again the day before I took it in for an oil change and there was no oil on the dipstick! Just curious when I should think about getting rid of it. I was thinking in the spring anyway, but then decided to keep it because we want to do some things with the house, but now I'm not sure. The shop put in a cocktail of oil cleaners/conditioners with the oil change to see if it helps. What should I do? Thanks for your input!
  5. Glad I ran across this thread. I've been looking around to see what I might want to get next spring. I found a nice Silverado with the 4.8 at a decent price. I wouldn't have thought it would've been a good engine. Nice to know it doesn't have the AFM too! Do all years Not have the AFM? I might miss the power of my 6.0 in my XL Denali, but I think it will be time to get rid of it within the next year. I love it, but it's 14 years old and has 263,000 miles on it as of now.
  6. Looks like there was an update in 2013? Did that fix any of the issues or was it just a styling update?
  7. Looking at buying a used 3 row SUV. Looking at these and Durango and Explorer. Curious to know what those of you have them think. How dependable are they. Have you had to spend much to maintain? Any major issues? I'd probably have to get something with about 100k on it. Right now I'm driving an '04 XL Denali with 257k. Felt the tranny slip a few times now in the past few months. Other than that I love it. Should I keep it or get one of the above with 100k? Probably 2009-2011? Any years to stay away from? Thanks for your input.
  8. OK. I didn't fix my '04 XL Denali soon enough and now the rust is through near the rear wheel well. I asked the body shop guy how much to fix and he said I didn't want to know. My rockers are pretty bad too but hard to see being black and having running boards. I saw a new one wrapped with digital snow camo. So, I thought about wrapping it to cover it up. Is that an OK option? It has 256,000 miles on it and will possibly end up going to my son in a couple years anyway if it's still running well. What about using Duct Tape? How would that hold up? It'd be a little hillbilly, but pretty cheap. Just wondered if anyone else has done either? Thanks for your input.
  9. Yeah. Anyone else have seat covers? I have a rip in my driver's seat and it's getting bigger. What are some good options? Thanks
  10. Congrats! Both of my vehicles will be paid off in the next couple of months also! Then it's try to put some in savings so when the time comes to buy another one, hopefully we'll have the cash for it. So many dang Dr and dentists and orthodontist bills though. LOL
  11. Yeah. Sorry I didn't specify. This will be an all season tire. Thanks
  12. I need new tires before winter on my XL Denali. 275/55/20. I live in West MI so I would like something that does well in the snow. I'm thinking Hankook Dynapro AT-M. Any other tires I should be considering? I don't want to spend a bunch. Also will be doing a little off road / trail riding. Thanks for your input.
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