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  1. Is this a private offer popup on the website or some type of mailer? I'm looking to get an LTZ Silverado with the 6.2L and they only have a 1,500 rebate right now, so if applicable, something like this would sure help since the factory rebate hasn't been great on LTZs the last couple of months.
  2. I'm so glad for these forums. I've been randomly hearing this high pitch ear piercing noise in my 14 Sierra SLT for the past several months. I couldn't pinpoint what specifically was causing the noise, just that it was coming from the far left part of the dash. I'm glad to actually know what is causing the noise, and that I'm not crazy. To me, the noise is more annoying than finger nails on a chalk board. GM Please hurry up with a fix.
  3. Chris, Been a few years since GPGs and GP days... Anyway, I'm very interested in purchasing this update, and interested in leaning more about other updates that can be made. I'm picking up my new 2014 GMC Sierra this evening, so I was excited to see that something like this is already being worked on! A few questions for you... 1) Will this add themes back to GMCs menus? Silverado seems to have it, GMC doesn't. 2) Can you add Zune support? (Dead market, but thought I'd ask) 3) Any way to speed up the time it takes to skip to next song / prev song on an Ipod? Its very slow compared to other vehicles / radios i've used. 4) Do you have access to add the compass near the temp readout on the top of the radio? 5) Any ability to provide additional layouts, gauges, or engine data in the instrument cluster lcd? Also I'm open to do any beta testing if you were to need such a thing. Thanks, Tim
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