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  1. still no luck changed relays they click but no power to the fuel pump.i scanned it and have codes p0452,p1133,p0141
  2. i noticed that as well,the new relay has shorter pins.
  3. i have a 00 silverado 5.3L z71 problem occured when i was driving down the road and it died fuel pump is not turning on,so i put a new fuel pump in,changed the relay still no power to the fuel pump,the only way i can get the fuel pump to kick on is to jump the relay.maybe the connections on the fuse box are bad?i noticed the grounds for the fuel both were broken so that is way the truck stalled i replaced both of them.So as of now it has new fuel pump,relay and grounds still no power to the fuel pump.Only if i jumped the relay.
  4. I know this is kind of old but just figured i give my opinion,I agree with the 1st post,When they are just hollowed imo they sound like S*** run a piece of pipe in them so it still looks like you have them.Good luck.
  5. when mine went i just got the oem replacement no sense of spending extra money its worth anything hp wise.
  6. dont worry about that 4l80e going,Like you said as long as it doesnt smell burned and still has a good color,it still has a good amount of life,mines at 192k be a work truck since it hit the road.knock on wood no problems at all.The motor will give out before that trans does.
  7. They are the knockoff magnaflows,With the same straight through design,Pretty good mufflers just to quiet for me.
  8. my babe the 2000 c2500 classic last year for this gmt400 body style
  9. my 86 gmc sierra yes it has stacks!!
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