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  1. Dealership has replaced the Radio in the truck twice now. The reception gets to the point where there is none at all for AM. I don't listen to AM much and don't feel like streaming radio stations for free as Data on the phone is very expensive in Canada. I can already tell on this third radio that the reception is slowly deteriorating. the Dealership told me GM engineering advised to keep replacing the radio but I have a feeling there is more going on than just the radio.
  2. I have a 2019 Denali and the AM radio Reception has slowly gotten worse to the point of no reception at all. The dealer has already replaced the radio once and I thought this was a one off bad infotainment unit. Now I am thinking its something wrong with the wiring / grounding of the antenna. It is scheduled to go into the dealer again for them to have a look and see if they can find the issue. Anyone else out there with the same problem. I know some of you are going to say why do you care about AM radio... I listen to Local sports talk radio on it and that's all I use it for. The Reception slowly got worse and worse to the point of no reception at all!
  3. I am not sure exactly which code it was but the tech who ran the scanner said the sensor was showing it was open and replacing the ssensor nor should have fixed it after replacing the sensor it still showed the same results as the sensor was the problem. I have checked resistance at the connection back to the control module as well as tested the ground and there is no issue with either.
  4. 2010 Silverado Ltz 5.3l with drum brakes on the rear
  5. Yes, tried clearing codes but they would not clear. I have also applied some dielectric grease to the connector as well. Still no luck!
  6. I recently replaced my rear wheel ABS s nor after getting a service ABS Service Stabilitrak and Service Trailer Break system warning. I took my truck into a shop that I deal with all the time and they got the code c0050 for a faulty right rear abs wheel speed sensor. I had recently had the same sensor replaced about a 18 months earlier. I got a new sensor and replaced it myself, I also cleaned the mounting face on the rear axle as I read this could cause some issues. After replacing the service lights were still on, I also took it for a short drive to see the sensor needed to seem some movement to reset the warning lights, all with no sucess. I have a multimeter and have checked grounds going to the sensor and there is continuity when I check the ground wire from the sensor. I am begining to think it is the ABS control module??
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