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  1. Oct 2014 - I am now on my way in to the dealer for yet another round of heated seats inoperable.
  2. I was looking to purchase a 2014.5 silverado 2500hd to replace my 2007 2500hd but after owning the 14 Silverado for 6 months now i am really considering going to a Ram heavy duty. GM needs to get their crap together if you want to take $$$ off of me and deliver a product with so many bugs. Love the drive but the little things are taking the shine away. Ps I love the mud guards forward of the rear wheels that are completely trashed after 6 months. Way to go quality control ! Did you save a few bucks on the cheap plastic ? Now your going to take it up the anus with costs to ship replacement parts out to all your poor customers.
  3. Either GM didn't ever test drive these trucks in freezing weather or they don't really care about the quality of materials that go into the parts. 10 K km , 1 winter and very little gravel roads and the little flaps forward of the rear wheels are broken to pieces..... and I have large mud flaps and running boards ? I think paper Mache would be as strong! Notice the plastic end caps on the running boards are fine . GM will you Warranty these ? Part # 22991828 ( Right Side ) Part # 22991829 ( Left Side )
  4. On a previous visit to the dealer neither element in either seat worked. They replace only the driver bum heater as this was the only part that they had available. This only got the driver seat base working. March 18/2014 Heat Mat element arrived - Dealer installed passenger seat base( bum) heater element. Surprisingly replacing only the pass. seat element fixed the pass back heat and drivers side back heat as well.
  5. I am not understanding you comment ?
  6. Feb 20th Update: Both seats do not have heat. Heated Seat modules were rushed in after Calling GM Canada - Thank you for that . According to service receipt the dealer they replaced only the drivers seat element . ??? No record of installing the modules ? what the hell is going on here ? Now after picking up a cold ( -15 C ) truck from the dealer I drove for 10 minutes and still had cold butt. After driving another 5 minutes and switching the seat heat switch between back only and full heat it seemed to start heating...bottom only. WTF ! Now My head is hot... in frustration ! Test drove again this morning - confirmed - Driver seat bottom has heat ( some- not great) no back heat and pass. side does not work at all. Call back to Dealer and GM Canada ... this is getting old already. I am asking to have seat assemblies replaced next.
  7. UPDATE to original post. Forget the voltage shedding theory.... the fricking things are broke & don't work ! Truck in for service 01/10/14 - issue with seat heat not working confirmed - dealer ordered new BCM Truck in for service 01/31/14 - BCM did not fix - dealer ordered new heated seat modules - Special order ETA unknown ( translation - no parts available ) 02/12/14 - Called dealer for update - dealer still has no idea when parts may be available or even if the modules will fix it . Trying to go up the chain to get some answers - hate the fact I paid extra for a feature that lasted less than 6000 km's Too many changes - been with Chevy too long should have gone with the competition. Then I could have other problems Should have gone with last years model...
  8. I have had the truck 3 months. The Heated seats performance was ok but not stellar. Last few drives my wife and I noticed they were barely on. Today it's -25 c and driving around for a 1/2 hour and my butts numb. Booked to have it looked at this week. Chevy should just stick a couple steering wheel heaters in the seats cause they work great !
  9. I should have replied earlier. I had this issue booked in at the dealer but the night before I decided to take a look between the opening around the sunroof with a flexible scope camera. Found 2 hook and loop type clips that were not secured together. I pressed with my palm firmly up on the headliner in several places around the sunroof opening until I heard the two clicks of the clips snapping together. That was 5 weeks ago and I have not had the rattle return. Now that it's got cold my next issue is with the interior temperature fluctuating ..... too hot ...too cold...too hot
  10. I picked up a 2014 Silverado Crew LTZ on Saturday Oct 26th 2013. The rattle was evident on the second day driving. Driving on washboard road it was very noticeable but even on the highway hitting smaller bumps we could hear the rattle, a slight push up by hand near the center stops it. Jumped into the same model on the showroom floor , tap the headliner by hand and makes the same rattle C'mon Chevy...I expected better than this !

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