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  1. Well I tried the Carplay2air dongle and it works great! So far no issues hooks up automatically every time. Using the usb in the console so it’s hidden.
  2. I had the dealer when I bought the truck switch them out. Not sure what brand they are but I really like them.
  3. I used Vvivd Smoke black gloss Vinyl headlight headlight tint from amazon it came in 2 rolls 12x24
  4. For those that have sled decks this worked very well bought a two prong plug from amazon and wired into the taillight then plug the deck into it. This makes a nice looking install but also easy to remove the deck.
  5. I just bought my 2020 with this tailgate and I wired in a waterproof toggle switch down by the receiver hitch that I can disable/enable the center part of the tailgate to unlock or not.
  6. Just picked up my new Denali a month ago. So far had the sled deck built for it Ceramic coated, blacked out gmc logos, blacked out side marker lights, hardwired a radar detector in now just waiting for BDS to release their 4”lift kit to get some new rims and rubber.
  7. Has anyone seen or heard if we can take the modules from a 2021 gmc Tahoe or Sierra and put in our 2020’s to get the wireless CarPlay? I just picked my new Denali up a month ago and got it back last Monday from ceramic coating absolutely love the truck but definitely need wireless CarPlay.
  8. Thanks. That really sucks you would think its not that difficult to program hopefully you can get it to work. I thought the only reason for programing was to get full function of the on star.
  9. No programing at all just plug and play
  10. Hi just did a swap my 2008 gmc seirra slt hd and works awesome i used GM part# 20829984 for the vcim and Gm part# 15938939 for the bluetooth antenna i have the red light so onstar wont work i havnet tryed to get that working since i don't care about it but maybe those item numbers will work for you. Both items are from a 2010 gmc denali.
  11. Thanks the blacking out isnt my thing im looking to get some nice chrome tail lights those red ones dont look so great.
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