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  1. Yeah exactly! I know if my carplay2air dies or stops working I’ll be ordering one of these the same day lol. Having everything wireless is wicked specially if your keeping the vehicle for many years.
  2. Yeah I don’t want to update anything incase it screwes it up lol. If it didn’t work I would be buying this module as well. Just not sure why the dealers can’t reprogram our modules instead of buying all new.
  3. Damn $800 I’m sure glad my Carplay2air works flawlessly for me. I don’t understand why they would give us a wireless charger but not wireless CarPlay.
  4. Yeah I don’t believe that for a second. I took the entire on star module with Bluetooth from a 2010 truck and put it in my 08 without issue. I don’t see why we can’t take a 21 module and use in our 20’s. Right now I use Carplay2air in my 20 and it has been flawless.
  5. Thanks. I had it on my gm but would have thought it would fallow the grill better instead of having two pockets opened.
  6. Awesome thanks! That looks so sick I can’t wait till spring hahaha.
  7. Perfect thank you! That’s the exact tire/rim set up I been wanting to do. Do you have any side pictures of it as well also how far the wheel sticks out. Thanks.
  8. Yeah man I was so nervous! Yeah I love having it specially since it’s ties to the high beams then I can use the auto high beam button and don’t have to worry about turning the bar off and then the high beams. I might put a 3 way switch in later so I can also manually turn the bar on when in low beam but not sure yet.
  9. I was going to but then seen another guy mount it here and I liked it as well as their is a nice steel mount on the truck in this spot that worked perfect.I do a lot of winter driving so figured it would stay a little cleaner up higher. No I didn’t find a manual online to take the grill out. It was basically take the top plastic clips out then I believe their was some bolts up top to take out then the grill just pops out it’s a good little pull. Then I had to pull the black plastic by the headlights out to make room to get the grill out and unplug the harness for the camera in the front. I als
  10. One with the Fog lights is the DRL mode on the lightbar then the picture without them is high beams on witch then turns on all led ‘s in the lightbar.
  11. No problem at all I’ll grab some tonight then tomorrow I’ll get some during day. The wiring wasn’t bad once I figured out the wiring as it had 2 relays into one switch to control the DRL then the rest of the bar. I used fuse taps to tie into the high beams and ignition
  12. I put one in the bottom of the grill. It has a DRL feature so I wired it into my ignition for DRL then tied it into my high beams to turn the hole bar on.
  13. I’m running the 8’ box on a long box truck. Then also added this plug and wired into my tail light for a nice clean factory look.
  14. Has anyone installed the winter cover on their 2020 gmc 2500/3500HD? I went to install mine but seems like it’s not even close to the right cover. If you have a picture of it installed would be great or even the part number. Thank you
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