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  1. Great write up. Any need for silicon or anything like that or do the lights have a rubber gasket to seal to the roof?
  2. No complaints so far. Haven’t taken them off reading or anything yet.
  3. I was thinking about using a Dremel to cut the square holes too. Whoever tries this can you please post the parts list for the rest of us please
  4. Can someone please be the guinea pig and tackle this project haha
  5. All of my emblems are from 0fx2gv.com He had a big Instagram page where you can see all the custom stuff he does. https://l.instagram.com/?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.0fx2gv.com%2F&e=ATP7ToMmA0WlG0sItRHmCMQSmVbSHPaCERGBjcT9eSunz0LHqINRetkMiiaCgaG_Q2KERlBTCAOyTgTSyIf8KIiDEVIGusW4osj3GkE&s=1
  6. Stock wheels and tires off my 2020 Sierra 2500 AT4. Wheels are stock 20s with Goodyear 275/65/20. No issues with them or flaws. Taken off at 2000 miles. Located in Southern California. No TPMS. Lug nuts included. Asking $1200 obo
  7. Hey everyone, my father has a 2020 trail boss LT and he wants to make the fogs yellow. Is the only way to do this with tint or can you change the led out? Thanks
  8. Yes I don’t think you can put them in an oven to separate these days like the old ones
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