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  1. Yeah I suppose but I don’t see that happing too much to me with my children. Plus there are so many darn lights on this truck already it would just blend in haha.
  2. I tied into the dome light. They come on when the doors open or you unlock the truck...whenever the dome lights turn on. I was going to tap into the bed lights but I read they can’t handle the load from the extra lights. The way I figured it is I can just hit the unlock button to use the lights at night if needed.
  3. They are kind of a pain but they can be removed. There are about 6 clips in the back. Use needle nose pliers and some sort of plastic pry tool. As you squeeze the clips behind the fender, stick the plastic pry tool between the emblem and the fender so they don’t pop back in place. Be careful not to scratch it.
  4. This guy here makes them. You can look up 0fx2gv on Instagram or look at his website here. They are acrylic custom made. https://www.0fx2gv.com/truck
  5. Just a matter of finding the dome light wire. Hopefully someone can point us in the right direction
  6. Does anyone know if we can wire auxiliary reverse lights straight to the stock led reverse lights? Still trying to figure my light situation.
  7. Did anyone figure this out? Does anyone know where the dome light wire is to wire easily to?
  8. New MBRP exhaust. Def back. No noticeable exhaust tone change but definitely better looking than stock.
  9. I was just hoping there were some gmc reps on this site. People are always freaked out about gmc moniterinf these sites to learn if people are doing mods to void their warranty but I guess not. I have complaints in to everything and their mother and I don’t think it’s going anywhere. I may have to result to some other tactics.
  10. Yeah whenever they come in they will ship then to me. That’s in writing but who knows when they will be in stock
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