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  1. Yeah whenever they come in they will ship then to me. That’s in writing but who knows when they will be in stock
  2. There aren’t any rpo codes on the new trucks in the glove box. Just the vin and load capacity. You have to have Gmc send you the build sheet or pay for them front what I have read? Do you have anything helpful Tim?
  3. They said the steps are a factory installed option that can’t be refunded or discounted. They were on the sticker for the truck but never showed up at the dealer. According to them GMC steps are are backorder and there’s nothing they can do about it. When I asked about a refund or discount they said no. This was after my credit was ran three times and they were on there way to deliver the truck.
  4. Shoot, I used to use a plumbing cap to plug my intake resonator on my LLY and LBZ
  5. Yeah I bought it over the phone. Only at4 at the time within 250 miles and selling out quickly. I was hoping there was a rep on this site that could help.
  6. I hope someone can figure this out. I want to wire some lights in my steps to come on with the bed lights.
  7. Hello, I recently purchased a 2020 GMC Sierra 2500 AT4. To make a long story short my truck was supposed to come with off road side steps installed from GMC which cost $965. I bought my truck over the phone and it was delivered without the steps. I complained to the dealer which fell on deaf ears and I then complained to GMC. So far GMC is “working” on it but the employee within GMC has only called me one time, in about a month so I feel like it’s not going anywhere. Does anyone have a contact at GMC or are there any reps on this site able to help out? All I want is my steps or a refund. Thank you
  8. What the difference between the i dash and the super gauge?
  9. No wait at all. Called my local dealer and he ran a part number search. He found some in Odessa, TX. I called them and they shipped them to me in a few days.
  10. Got mine in and starting putting them in. Has anyone had any luck selling the stock ones?
  11. Just wait until parts for the 21 are out. The 21 z71 sport education comes all color matched
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