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  1. Hi Guys, Just had my 2011 Silverado crew 5.3 uploaded with a Westers hot tune. I can't believe how much this tune made a difference. The shifting and power is incredible so far. I really didn't drive it to much as it was late and I had family obligations (damn kids, lol) I had a Westers hot tune on my 2006 and loved it but I seem to see more of a difference in power with this truck. I'll keep you posted with gas mileage and performance changes as I only drove 45 miles last night and the truck is still relearning. I was running 87 and now 93 and all the modules need to reset. I did hit it a couple of times (O.K I'm lying, I hit it a lot! LOL) and loved the power. I'll be taking it out today and having some more fun. I'll try to get up to the drag way within the next few months so I can post some times. DISCLAIMER .... Just want to say ... No disrespect to any of the other tuners out there. I know BB is a sponsor and stuff but I'm in MA and I have a Westers dealer not to far from me. Plus, I didn't have to buy another tune because Butch in Middleton, MA only charges a small fee when changing vehicles, plus My truck dealership loves to re-flash during service visits so I'm constantly having Butch reload my Westers tune. I just chose to go with someone local. I don't want you guys thinking I'm try to sell or convince you to go to another tuner. With all that said .... I'm very happy with my tune.
  2. I have never had this happen before. I had 166K mi on my 2006 Silverado and never had that problem. I sprayed the Lysol and it seems ok so far.
  3. WTF? I have a 2011 Silverado 1500 crew. It has 1800 miles on it and I'm getting a moldy smell coming from the vents. I get it when the unit is in outside air mode. I have a dual climate control. I'm guessing there is a cabin filter in the 2011's but haven't checked it out yet. Should this be common with such low milage? Could I have a drainage problem?
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