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  1. I just had a new radiator put in 2 years ago. Up till when they put the water pump in I was running conventional coolant. They accidentally put dexcool in after the pump was replaced and I plan to flush it out soon.
  2. I took it into my mechanic and they added dye and did 3 pressure tests for 45 minutes each. There were no leaks found during any of the pressure tests.
  3. Alright so about 2 years ago I noticed I was loosing coolant very slowly but could not find the leak anywhere. This summer the water pump finally went bad at 165,000. I've heard that is the lifetime of 3 normal water pumps for this truck, and now know about the gaskets being garbage on them as well. The day after I replaced the pump I went to Alaska for 3 months and the truck sat. When I returned home I drove the truck for a month and had the coolant light come on. I passed this off as air in the system and moved on. Now 2 months later my low coolant light came on again. I once again added about a 1/2 gallon of coolant. I've learned this engine has a dry intake so finding any sludge mixed with the oil is unlikely. I live in a cool environment so every startup there is white exaust but there is no antifreeze smell to it. There are no external signs of any leakage either. I have not added dye to the coolant because I feel I would have smelt it. I've stopped randomly and just sniffed around and under the truck looking for the leak. The one thing I found kinda strange but don't even know if it is valid is there was no pressure on the coolant reservoir when I removed the cap. I did this with the truck running and not running and neither way produced pressure. Could replacing the cap fix my problem. Is it possible the vapors are escaping through the cap?
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