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  1. New truck Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    New Fat Bottom Girl.
  3. The out to out measurement on the tires is 19". Should I go with the 19" and just cover the tires or the 21" and flush out with the fender well. If anybody has ordered Gator backs flaps for a dually, it would be very much appreciated to have some feedback.
  4. Just got my new...

    Yep, that was i. I did find a match from a dealer 100 miles away. Pick up Wednesday
  5. 5th Wheel Guru's

    I have same truck with a B&W Patriot hitch ( non slider) + I also have same pin box. The new trailers have the contoured nose and I have never come close to an issue. I am in the middle of purchasing a new 2017 HD 3500 CC long bed dually but only so that I have more capacity. 6.5' beds still look the best.
  6. Just got my new...

    I like your truck ! I just ordered my 2018 3500 Dually LTZ to replace my 2015 LTZ. Wont be here until September I suppose

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