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  1. Mirrors

    Offers? I really want to sell these. Found out my new tow mirrors shipped today so I should have these off the truck next week.
  2. Mirrors

    23228 zip
  3. Mirrors

    $400 OBO.
  4. Mirrors

    Looking up at bottom of mirror at led courtesy light.
  5. Mirrors

    Hey, if anyone knows of someone looking for these mirrors let me know. I'm not absolutely dead set on a firm price. I have an idea of what I'd like to get. If any interest, PM me an offer.
  6. Mirrors

    PM sent
  7. Mirrors

    I have a 2015 2500HD and just ordered some tow mirrors. Currently have the DL3 models. Heated, led turn signal on mirror, power fold, led courtesy light on the bottom, and memory. I'm not sure if these are even items people are in the market for. I'll probably have them off the truck within the next 3 weeks. Just wanted to post and see if there was any interest in this style mirror. If so, I'll post for sale but was just trying to see ahead of time.
  8. Gap behind toolbox?

    Just need some time and no rain to give it a try. Took these pics when I got home today of how it currently is.
  9. Gap behind toolbox?

    Thanks man. Yeah I think I “should” be able to move it up a hair. I think I was just being very conscious when installing last year.
  10. Gap behind toolbox?

    Anyone with a toolbox? Can you see if there is a gap that goes down to the bed or is it even with the edge of the bed? Just don’t want to take apart my set up to find out the way I have it is correct.
  11. Gap behind toolbox?

    Was wondering if any of you guys on here have a gap between the back of your toolbox and where it pushes up against the bulkhead underneath the cab window? I have a set up with a tonneau cover made to be installed with a toolbox but have run into an issue where there is a space between the back of the toolbox and the front wall of the bed. Probably about an inch wide. I installed my toolbox almost a year ago and just got this tonneau cover back in the summertime. I’m wondering if I didn’t push the toolbox up far enough afraid that the lid might hit the back of the truck? Do you guys have a gap in between the toolbox and the wall of the bed behind the cab window? I tried rigging up some auto and marine weatherstripping but it still leaks more than I want it to. I’m posting pics so you can see what I’m talking about. Thanks
  12. Question about lift

    Yeah thanks… That’s kind of what I’ve been told on another forum as well after I posted this. It was suggested that for what I’m looking for I should go with a Cognito lift. They have a 4 inch lift or a 4–6 inch that you can adjust.
  13. So was considering getting a lift on my 2500HD. I already upgraded my tires and really don’t want to buy new ones since there are only nine months old. I have 285- 60 - 20s on the stock polished aluminum rims on the 2015 LTZ. Thought I would just level the front but seems that’s a horrible idea after reading about it on several different forums. If I had the money and did not use the truck for a part-time landscaping business whete I tow a Maintenance trailer and a dump trailer I would get the 5 inch BDS suspension lift with some 35’s. That would be my ultimate dream. So was just doing some reading and it seems I came across a lift that gets very good reviews, seems to be made by a company from what I think is owned by BDS called Zone. Was looking at the 3 inch upper control arm lift that comes with nitro shocks and includes a 2 inch block kit. Total for the lift is somewhere around $800 Plus labor to have it installed which I’m not sure how much that would run. I don’t know a whole lot about suspension lifts in general so is that a decent lift to go with? My other question is this… Would the truck look goofy with a 3 inch lift and 20 inch stock wheels on the Nitto Ridge Grapplers 285 –60 – 20s? I’ve also thought possibly about getting some black wheels in 20 x 9 so not sure if that would help the look. I’m just concerned that the truck would sit a little bit too tall and look like it had tiny tires. Unless this is a decent tire size I have that’s roughly 33.5 inches.
  14. Window tint

    So what percentages are you talking about in those pics?

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