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  1. Question about lift

    Yeah thanks… That’s kind of what I’ve been told on another forum as well after I posted this. It was suggested that for what I’m looking for I should go with a Cognito lift. They have a 4 inch lift or a 4–6 inch that you can adjust.
  2. So was considering getting a lift on my 2500HD. I already upgraded my tires and really don’t want to buy new ones since there are only nine months old. I have 285- 60 - 20s on the stock polished aluminum rims on the 2015 LTZ. Thought I would just level the front but seems that’s a horrible idea after reading about it on several different forums. If I had the money and did not use the truck for a part-time landscaping business whete I tow a Maintenance trailer and a dump trailer I would get the 5 inch BDS suspension lift with some 35’s. That would be my ultimate dream. So was just doing some reading and it seems I came across a lift that gets very good reviews, seems to be made by a company from what I think is owned by BDS called Zone. Was looking at the 3 inch upper control arm lift that comes with nitro shocks and includes a 2 inch block kit. Total for the lift is somewhere around $800 Plus labor to have it installed which I’m not sure how much that would run. I don’t know a whole lot about suspension lifts in general so is that a decent lift to go with? My other question is this… Would the truck look goofy with a 3 inch lift and 20 inch stock wheels on the Nitto Ridge Grapplers 285 –60 – 20s? I’ve also thought possibly about getting some black wheels in 20 x 9 so not sure if that would help the look. I’m just concerned that the truck would sit a little bit too tall and look like it had tiny tires. Unless this is a decent tire size I have that’s roughly 33.5 inches.
  3. Window tint

    So what percentages are you talking about in those pics?
  4. Window tint

    Before with stock After with5%
  5. Window tint

    Wow....looks great! How dark is that looking out the back doors/back window? I would imagine you can’t see in at all when behind the truck. Is that right?
  6. Window tint

    Looks great man. Thanhs for posting those pics and explaining about the back window. That’s what I was looking for.
  7. Window tint

    Yeah just thinking it over and might just leave the doors as it is, stock tint on the back and 20% on the front. I don’t know man I’ve had tint on every vehicle I’ve owned since the late 90s so I just must be used to it. I have no problems at night in urban or suburban areas.
  8. Window tint

    No… I’d still use it just to see who’s behind me but whenever I back up a trailer or go in reverse I use my side mirrors and back up camera. I already have a big weather guard toolbox it takes away 1/3 of the window as it is. I guess maybe do 5% over the factory tint and just see how things are. What do you think about the rear doors? Obviously it’s my truck but just trying to get a general consensus of having all the same color looks better versus the dark back doors and lighter front doors.
  9. Window tint

    I have an appointment this Saturday morning and I told them I wanted to get the two rear doors and the back sliding window done. My front windows have already been tinted 20% to match the factory tint on the back doors. Here’s what I can’t decide. I’m almost thinking of not having the back crew cab doors done and just getting the rear sliding window tinted 5%. I’m not sure I want the truck to have that light tint/dark tint look when looking at it from the side. I think having all the same color just makes the truck look cleaner. I don’t know what do you guys think? I definitely want the back slider totally blacked out. I’ve been watching some videos on YouTube and even SUVs that have the back done with 5% over stock, you can still look through the back window and see light coming in the windshield. Is there a way around that? Would a layer of 20% over the back slider and then doing a layer of 5% over that totally black it out? Just not sure what I should do before my appointment Saturday.
  10. Window tint

    Damn… Totally forgot I posted here a couple weeks ago. In Virginia, as far as trucks and SUVs you can go as dark as you want on the back doors and back window. Technically front windows aren’t supposed to be below 50%. I’ve been rolling around with 20% on different vehicles for over 18 years with no problems.
  11. Where the Deals at!? Amazon Prime day

    Am really considering this one.....glad I didn’t hit the buy button yesterday!
  12. Where the Deals at!? Amazon Prime day

    Funny you posted this. I just started a thread the other day asking about dash Cams. I saved a few on my amazon list and just checked back. 2 of them are discounted r ally nice. I should just pull the trigger.
  13. Window tint

    Just wondering what the opinions would be here. I have 20% on the front doors to match the factory tint on the back doors and back window. I’m wanting the entire back sliding window to be blacked out. I don’t want people to see in when they’re sitting behind me I guess is the best way to put it. Was at the shop that does window tinting for something else the other day and mentioned making it darker. The guy recommended putting 20% over the factory tint. Would it be better just to do 5%? I know that seems right above spray painting the window black… Ha ha. However you figure if you’re looking in the back window from a car, the windshield is in front so it’s lightning it up a pretty good amount right?
  14. Dash Cams

    That’s my concern too. I want CLEAR plates. Waaaaay too many hit and runs.

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