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  1. Where the Deals at!? Amazon Prime day

    Am really considering this one.....glad I didn’t hit the buy button yesterday!
  2. Where the Deals at!? Amazon Prime day

    Funny you posted this. I just started a thread the other day asking about dash Cams. I saved a few on my amazon list and just checked back. 2 of them are discounted r ally nice. I should just pull the trigger.
  3. Window tint

    Well....ok then. Maybe I posted in the wrong area.
  4. Window tint

    Just wondering what the opinions would be here. I have 20% on the front doors to match the factory tint on the back doors and back window. I’m wanting the entire back sliding window to be blacked out. I don’t want people to see in when they’re sitting behind me I guess is the best way to put it. Was at the shop that does window tinting for something else the other day and mentioned making it darker. The guy recommended putting 20% over the factory tint. Would it be better just to do 5%? I know that seems right above spray painting the window black… Ha ha. However you figure if you’re looking in the back window from a car, the windshield is in front so it’s lightning it up a pretty good amount right?
  5. Dash Cams

    That’s my concern too. I want CLEAR plates. Waaaaay too many hit and runs.
  6. Dash Cams

    Good to know, that helps solidify the overall opinion on it.
  7. Dash Cams

    Going to read about this one as well. Just went to Amazon and it looks like it has great reviews overall. Also, yes, that would be the only way to set it up to the ignition. Don’t want to ever forget to turn it on manually.
  8. Dash Cams

    Cool...Going on Amazon now to read reviews.
  9. Dash Cams

    Was wondering if any of you guys have these in your personal or company trucks? If so which one have you found to be the most reliable with the clearest picture and easiest to operate? It seems like I’ve been searching one for over two years and while reading reviews on Amazon just can’t come to a decision as to which one to get. Looks like most of them have great reviews and at the same time horrible reviews so not sure which way to go with this.
  10. Adding POWER FOLD tow mirrors

    OK cool thanks again. Ha ha and you’re probably right, don’t want to get anyone mad! As far as that RZY harness a.k.a. camper harness, maybe I’ll try checking the door harness this weekend and look for what you told me. Mine has a build date of 8/14 so I’d be willing to bet I probably do need that harness.
  11. Adding POWER FOLD tow mirrors

    Ok appreciate the quick response. Man I’m glad I found you! Thanks for taking your time to post and explain everything in such detail. The last thing is......I guess I have to hope the dealer service department knows how to do this. Wonder if they have a manual or something they go by?
  12. Adding POWER FOLD tow mirrors

    Hey Phil.....read your response. The one thing I’m still not clear on..... if I don’t buy you harnesses but get the OEM GM harnesses, will I be ok? Or do I need to get yours?
  13. Adding POWER FOLD tow mirrors

    Wow, I cannot thank you enough for posting all of that information!!! I feel like I’ve been digging for 2 weeks and just struck gold!!! Seriously.....thank you!! I just don’t have the time to do this project I’m so busy. I was just going to get everything and take it into the dealer and have them do it while I’m working. Do you think they’ll install the harnesses you make or should I just buy the GM part number harnesses? That place that sent me that email that I posted was telling me that the harness for the right door and left door are both on backorder with no date from GM as to when they will be back in stock. Not sure how true that is or if it’s just them that don’t have them. It was these part numbers: RH door harness 84290982 LH door harness 84125561. Also just one question. I see the part number for the left-hand/driver side mirror you posted is different than the one they gave me but the passenger side/right hand is the same. Is there reasoning for that? They gave me LH mirror 84041609. I’m hitting the rack now is why I’m won’t post back tonight. I’ll check this thread first thing in the morning. Thanks Phil!!
  14. Adding POWER FOLD tow mirrors

    Yeah no worries man. The more I post the more I get confused so I can only imagine other people joining in to read the thread! But yes, that’s exactly what I want. The factory chrome power folding mirrors that have the white back up lights in the amber running lights on the front heated, memory and the red LED turn signal. I plan to get OEM power fold mirrors along with a harness for each door. To my understanding from what I’ve been told, also the camper harness. Whatever that’s needed for I’m not sure but several parts sites have told me that is needed as well. So are you stating that if I get OEM mirrors that at coded DQS, I should be good to go but with a BCM and/or memory module reflash?
  15. Adding POWER FOLD tow mirrors

    So here is the latest email I received from an aftermarket OEMGM parts supplier that I’ve been going back-and-forth with. ——————- Part number 84041609 is listed as a passenger side mirror, for 2015 2500, or 3500 applications manufactured with option code DQS. Part number 84228892 is listed as a passenger side mirror, for 2015 2500, or 3500 applications manufactured with option codes AFV, DQS, without option K40. Per VIN 1GC1KWEG1FF191571 supplied the truck was manufactured with power folding mirrors, option code DL3. I apologize GM does not list a power folding towing mirror after the vehicle is manufactured. We understand you want to add parts, options or accessories to your vehicle that were not original equipment on your vehicle when it was manufactured. In order to supply you with the part numbers desired, we will require the VIN FROM a vehicle that was manufactured with the items in question. (**NOT YOUR VEHICLES VIN**) Without this VIN we will not be able to determine the correct part number you need. Many of our customers have found a vehicle either at their local General Motors dealer or know someone that has vehicle that is equipped with the parts desired and have supplied us the VIN number from that vehicle. We will help you in any way possible but we need a good VIN for the parts you want The licensed GM parts catalog does not provide the part numbers necessary to add an option to a vehicle that was not originally manufactured with that option. If the items are ordered, please note that they are special order, nonreturnable parts since the vehicle was not manufactured with these items. Please keep in mind the parts will not be warrantied by us, or GM, since the parts in question are not original equipment parts on the VIN supplied. Vehicle programming, or modification maybe required to add an option. Please remember we do not have any way of telling if a part from another vehicle will fit your vehicle properly without modification to the part or to your vehicle. Please research parts that are not original equipment on your vehicle to make sure they will fit your vehicle. No one wants to be stuck with parts that don't fit due to bad information.

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