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  1. Still for sale. If anyone is interested let me know.
  2. Thanks. So I clicked your link but it takes you to TRS but there’s an error on the page. So I tried searching and it looks like that’s the ballast igniters and bulbs. No projectors though? Does your truck have halogen projectors? Is that how it came from the factory or did it come with HID/LED projectors? With the retrofit, you are getting the Morimoto projectors, there is no apoxie or glue or anything like that. At least on the Silverado, maybe the sierra is different? You simply unscrew the dust covers unscrew your stock halogen projectors and install the new projectors that bolt on. The only problem is they stick back pretty far and your dust caps will not fit on. You have to cut them and then extend them with waterproof tape over the gap.
  3. Yeah man no problem. So many guys have helped me out on different forums over the years it feels good to give back and help somebody when possible. Give the retrofit source a call or check out light werkz and speak to Caesar. He’ll help you with whatever you need/want.
  4. Just posted a detailed explanation above. If you get a QUALITY HID bulb and ballast I'd say several years, also depends on usage hours. Spend more money on an OEM type bulb from Phillips or Osram and QUALITY ballasts.
  5. Damn.....just realized after I posted this that the thread is a few years old. Well.....maybe it will help if anyone searches the forum with a 2014-2015 2500hd Silverado truck.
  6. I have a 2015 2500HD. Here is what I did (had done for me). First, immediately put HID's(ballasts/igniters obviously) in the truck.......marginal improvement. Also had some weird like shadow in the light pattern. Discovered the return wires were the shadows. Researched and found out bulbs are made with the same base but the return wire is on the opposite side so it gets reflected up rather then down into the pattern. Result..........ehhh ok, a little better but nothing special. Constantly got flashed too. I guess I should've aimed them lower or maybe the stock projector isn't "made for" HID's. I talked to a lot of people that know a lot about lighting including TRS, they all said there IS difference between halogen and HID projectors. Hard to tell from just looking though. I am a light fanatic and OCD.....I HAD TO, get better lighting! Spoke to a local shop and TRS and it was recommended to get the FX-R 3.0 Morimoto projectors. Also need the adapter brackets from fastheadlights.com. Now bulb choice is subjective and personal preference. I had GTR lighting 5000K and was so so. Ended up speaking to Caesar at Lightwerkz.com.........Man, nice guy and KNOWS HIS STUFF!! Got the OEM Phillips white vision. They are probably in the top 3 as far as light output. Look bright white when looking at truck but have a "warm" appearance on the road which is actually better for visibility, especially in rain. I can say.......WOW now! HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE difference and here are some pics below. The one with the mailbox on the left is my truck with HID bulbs in stock halogen projectors. The bottom one is the GTR lighting bulbs in the Morimoto projectors. This was over a year ago so no pics with the Phillips bulbs which I got last fall. Also, the key is to make sure these bulbs are installed correctly! very very easy to be just a hair off and the light pattern isn't good. Need to make sure there is a "hot spot" at both "steps" when pointed at a wall. Now, the other pics in the PDF are something I found on the internet/forums when researching before I did this. I would recommend TRS or Caesar from lightwerkz.com (he's also a Morimoto authorized dealer). Both know there stuff and stand behind their products! Also attaching a pdf of the install so you can see what it entails. Keep in mind the pics were taken with an iPhone so the exposure makes them look a little brighter than in person/behind the wheel. Hope this helps you some. Projector comparison.pdf 2015 Chevy FXR kit.pdf
  7. Newdude, thanks a lot for posting and giving me that info! I actually just found that diode locally at a hobby store. I have seen pics of the 2 "ports" it goes into under the driver side floor area (BCM) Does it just get pushed into there and tension holds it in? Or does it need to "click" in somehow? I just want to make sure I do it right.
  8. Yes, I have the RZY installed per Pgamboa (Phil). My truck says manufactured 8/14 on the door. I saw the diode mod and if that’s what it takes it looks like something I can do. Just wondering what I should do since the dealer had my truck again. I was very adamant the white mirror lights should stay on when put in reverse.
  9. Well I’m getting ready to head to the dealership in about 30 minutes to drop the truck off for the fourth day now. However, in the meantime, I found a 2015 manual online and here is what it says about the tow mirrors with lights. Hopefully it’s a quick/simple fix and the technician just has one of the wires landed in the wrong ports or something like that.
  10. So my truck is a 2015 2500 HD LTZ. Came with the small mirrors with all of the functions. Switched over to the DQS tow mirrors with all the same functions and also the amber LED running lights and the white reverse /cargo lights. Let me give a huge thanks to Phil a.k.a. Pgamboa. He has PATIENTLY worked with me and answered all my questions that I’ve had which has been pretty much the past week. I bought OEM mirrors new harnesses for both front doors and the camper/jumper harness since my truck was manufactured 8/14 and is considered an early 2015. Took it into the dealer last Monday morning and dropped it off. To make a long story short they had it for THREE days! Finally got the truck and it appeared everything worked the way it should. Well that’s until this past Saturday night when I was backing up my dark driveway to hook a trailer up. The white LED cargo/reverse lights in the mirror do not come on when the transmission is in reverse. Yes I put it in park and pushed the cargo light button which is on the dash below the HVAC controls and they came on. However, when I move the transmission to reverse they go off. They only come on when the truck is in park or neutral! So frustrated so mad. Needless to say I spoke with Phil again and he said that’s not right either. So here we go again, I’ll be dropping my truck back off at the dealership today or tomorrow. Not sure what to think at this point or what the technician needs to do.
  11. Clarification, I’m including the wiring harnesses with the mirrors as well.
  12. Will have the mirrors removed from truck tomorrow including the harnesses.
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