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  1. It could be that your system is not fully charged of R-134a fluid. Maybe a small leak has started in a hose or at the condenser.
  2. Much to my surprise my compressor seized up with only 56K miles on a 2014 Silverado LT standard cab w/4x4. Went straight to web and I was also surprised to see that this is not an uncommon occurrence on these trucks around this age. Anyway, after a few options considered I decided to repair this myself, mainly because I didn't want to pay the high price. I'm no stranger to wrenching and I was up for the challenge. Parts::: 4Seasons Compressor (new) 198381 4Seasons Condenser 40794 4Seasons Expansion Valve 39460 4Seasons O-Ring Kit 26824 PAG-46 oil A/C Flush Kit w/ flushing liquid You will need to get a new A/C belt, might as well get all three belts to replace. The inner two belts are stretch belts so you will need a zip tie to get them on, the A/C belt goes from the rear of the harmonic balancer, not the front, watch a youtube... I flushed the evaporator and all hoses with the flush kit, there was lots of oil in the evaporator, took a while before the exit looked clear. I replaced all O-rings.. I had an issue with new transmission oil line connectors that came on the new condenser. I think the inner diameter of the new connector was bigger than the original because transmission oil leaked from the connector around the line going in (the O-rings looked good). I had to re-use the original connectors to get the leaking to stop. Make sure to put new O-rings into the original connectors before installing, they came with the O-ring kit. The new compressor was pre-loaded with 3 oz. of PAG-46 oil so I added 3 oz. to the condenser to get the total spec capacity of oil called for in the system. Pulled vacuum for an hour and then charged the system with two cans of R-134a (24 oz total). Checked out good with the pressure gauges. Cold air again!
  3. +1 I never got my money's worth out of an extended warranty. I've had some repairs I thought should be covered were not approved by warranty company, hard to win those battles. Keep your money and save it for the repair if and when they occur.
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