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  1. Like the title says. They are like new just not my style. $120 OBO
  2. Ran $290 for everything. They had to get the old paint off, get through the chrome plating, and then powder coat it.
  3. Thanks been a work in progress lol. For the handles you'll probably have to use something other than Powder Coating since that will only work with metals. My brother just did that to his chrome handles on his Dodge Ram he used Line X Ultra which is a thinner material but turned out pretty good. Has the same finish of like the stock plastics.
  4. Great seller everything came as expected.
  5. Well I had chrome to start on my 2012 Sierra I sanded it and painted it to match which held up for a total of about 6 months. So I took them off and got them sand blasted and powder coated. Much better coverage this time and I think they will last a lot longer. Love the Denali look it has now.
  6. Well I finally pulled the trigger and ended up getting the BFG KO2 for the GMT-900 2012 GMC Sierra. I opted for the 285/70R17 since I have the 2" lift up front. ended up getting them for $229 with a $50 rebate best price I could find. I opted to start at 45PSI up front and 42PSI in the rear. I noticed after going from my SUV Bridgestone Dueler tires that at 40PSI these seemed to be a little sluggish in response at that pressure. Anyway here are the pictures.
  7. I used this method to wire some truck bed lights that way they are controlled the same as the dome lights with fade in and out. I would like to add an override switch to the bed lights though with an independent on/off switch. Does anyone know how to do this? I am concerned that using an add-a-circuit and just putting power to the bed light wire would cause some sort of issue with power being set back to the BCM. ANY SUGGESTIONS?
  8. Yes it will retain use of the factory microphone. I choose to disconnect the factory one though as I thought the aftermarket one would be better. I've since returned the 9702 to wait for the 9703 model.
  9. I ended up going with a Kenwood DDX9702S which has android auto (a phone integration software) and got the Maestro kit with the GM idatalink harness. I decided against the Advent oem type head unit. The reason was that the technology there is already a few years old and I really think apple carplay and Android auto are going to be standard pretty soon.
  10. Also the dome lights have an over ride switch near the DIC which means I can manually turn on the dome lights if needed. Wiring the floor lights this way do you have that same capability?
  11. Okay so for the GMT-900 I have a quick question. I am planning on doing this and at the same time running a lead to the truck bed for bed lighting. This way the truck bed lights come on as well as the dome, front floor, and rear floor lights. I was wondering if this would be to much of draw on the circuit and would need a relay or something to protect the vehicle wiring other than an inline fuse?
  12. All done it probably took about 20 or so hours of labor including all the disassembly, prepping, sanding, painting, more sanding, buffing, cleaning, and reassembly. I'm really happy with the way it turned out though.
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