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  1. Very glad everything worked out perfectly for you Ed. I would have over mine but I also have a bumper pull trailer so I just kept the stock position for the camera plug. Bill
  2. Just to update, I did look again at the post with pictures of the inside of the camera that was provided by Chuck showing the connector. It was simple the coax wire harness just plugs into the rear of the camera. I just unplugged it and used that end and routed it through my trailer. It sure made things easier because of its size. Everything worked perfect, I love having the camera on the rear of my 5th wheel.
  3. I have more picture but it wont let me download them
  4. Here are a few pictures of my install. It actually works like it was planned. I measured how much camera coax cable I needed (distance from the trailer to the bumper plug) at the most extreme turning angle of the truck with the trailer. That amount of wire harness was right about 5 ft. I then decided on using that coiled yellow trailer plug/harness and routed the camera cable through the coiled wire. I even plugged that into the bumper to help secure it to the truck. The other end of that coiled wire goes through that round cable holder and its secured to the trailer along with the camera coax
  5. I finally got around to installing the camera on the rear of my 5th wheel (30ft.) today. The install went flawlessly and the image on the dash screen is perfect. I would also like to thank everyone that posted information about the installation of the camera, you guys are why this site is so valuable. It sure will be nice being able to have the camera on the rear of the trailer. Life Is Good!
  6. Chuck, would it be safe to say that you can open the camera up and does the video coax just plugs into the camera and is easy to plug and unplug? The reason I’m asking I’m considering doing this when I route my wire. I just wanted to make sure it’s a simple procedure if I opened up the camera. Thank you, Bill S.
  7. Thank you to everyone that's had a part in this thread, I love your commitment, determination and dedication to get this issue solved. I just have a question to pose about my application. I have the 2020 GMC 3500 Denali, I pull both a 5th wheel and a bumper pull on occasion also. I figured I would pick everyone's brain as to how I could accomplish having the camera receptacle wired to the bed but keeping the bumper camera receptacle. Thanks in advance!
  8. That's exactly what I experienced when I changed my oil & filter. So I thought just maybe the AcDelco Filter wasn't doing a very good job related to the pressure creating the noise. So the next oil & filter change I used an AmsOil filter and was a little quieter regarding the thumping/knocking noise upon start up, but was still present. So the following oil change I went back to using the AcDelco. I just figure its just a characteristic trait to the L5P Engine. Currently I have about 10K miles of towing with it and everything is great.
  9. Bought my 2020 GMC 3500 Denali 4x4 in March of 2020: $80,210.00 MSRP $8000.00 Dealership Discount $3000.00 Rebate from GM Cash Program Plus $500.00 discount on Denali Package. Total Price: $69,210.00 Loaded Denali
  10. I’ve installed a 56 gallon Titan fuel tank and Yakima fixed roof rack.
  11. Congrats on your new 2020 Hoss. I feel the same as you regarding the noise I get from mine. I’ve put on about 6K miles towing without any issues, so I’m assuming if it were a major issue it would have shown up by now. Still love it!
  12. It'll be interesting to see if this thumping sound gets louder or something breaks.
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