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  1. It'll be interesting to see if this thumping sound gets louder or something breaks.
  2. I just turned 600 miles on my GMC Sierra and started hearing that dreaded knocking sound. I can't believe this is a normal sound. Never heard anything like it on my 2008. Guess I'll have to wait and see, hopefully it won't get any louder.....
  3. Well I guess the Allison transmission is a little more unforgiving when it comes to changes to the tire size.
  4. I know this topic has been discussed in lengths in the past but here is the latest as of May/2014, at least from my prospective, and knowledge. I finally replaced my 245/75R16’s with 265/70R-17’s, which through off my shifting times with the Allison transmission, and the spedo no surprise there. I read post after post after post about having the dealer re-flash the ECM/Computer on the truck and it will recalibrate things to match the 17’s. I heard everything from its not necessary to dealer won’t do it, to the re-flash only resets the Speedo and DIC (drivers information center) and not the transmission shifting points. Fast forward too today, my dealer had to call GM to verify that my size tires was in their data base to send the program to have the truck re-flashed. It turns out GM recognized my size tires in their data and sent the program to the dealer/technician, which was downloaded to my truck. Now if my new tire size wasn’t in their data base, then the dealer wouldn’t have been able to update my truck. It turns out that the re-flashing does in fact re-set the transmission shifting points back to the speeds that it use to shift. It also re-sets the DIC to match the new tire size, and in addition, the re-flash of the ECM also will update any updates that GM has generated over the years, so now that’s up to date now.
  5. If he can do this for a semi-reasonable price, I'll be a buyer in quantity... Walt I passed on your offer to him. Ok Walt he said to pass this info onto you: GMP Parts Company 111 Quaking Aspen Way Etna, Wyoming 83118 307-883-7500 Phone 307-883-7501 FAX [email protected]
  6. If he can do this for a semi-reasonable price, I'll be a buyer in quantity... Walt I passed on your offer to him.
  7. I am sorry I don't have the any numbers for the terminal connector that I received. I cant believe the plastic connector plug is $26.00. Let me see if my friend would want to make up some harness's and I will let you know what he has to say.
  8. Well I received my wiring harness for the camera today that my friend made up for me that will plug direclty into the connector block inside the cab. Here are a couple pics: Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  9. Ok thanks so much. So you just increased the wire size from the connector near the camera end to the connector block in the cab where it plugs into the power source....
  10. Can someone tell me what is the wire gauge size for the positive and negative leads that run from the rear camera to the connector block in the cab for the camera that Walt sells??? A friend of mine makes GM wire harnesses and is making me up a connector that plugs into the connector block for the + and - side of the harness. He just wanted to know what gauge to make the wires coming off the connector. I also emailed Walt and asked him, but thought someone here might have the info.
  11. Thanks for that info regarding the connector in the camera wire harness.
  12. GM already thought of that. After you fish the wire from the bezel out the bottom of the tailgate there is a male/female plug you can disconnect. I am talking about trucks that don't have the camera and you buy the after market one like ADC Mobile has available. Are you saying that Walt's camera that he sells has the this plug? Thank you,
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