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  1. Just catching up on here .. update is the heated steering wheel is installed. 2013 2500HD crew cab short bed LTZ I used a Denali 2500HD clocking spring... I also bought the complete wiring harness that runs to the BCM (don't waste your money buyinh the wiring harness) Clocking spring and Steering wheel.. then run two wires, one to chassis ground and the other to the BCM. I found a terminal that had power when key on only. any questions message me...
  2. OK i did this mod.. I have a 2013 2500HD I bought a ful harness, a clocking spring from GM for a Denili 2500HD Note, Even with the correct harness, when connected to the sterring wheel did not work, So i ended up cuting the harness and saving the "connecter" with some leads left. I extended the cut leads and attached one to ground and the other to a switched on source in the BCM. Light for the heated wheel comes on.. but I do not feel my wheel getting hot.... so I'll have to investage it more tomorrow...
  3. Anyone know what happened to WWW.SSconnectors.com ? i'm looking for the wiring harness
  4. Hello Fellas.... Ok I did a little research after reading recent post about guys doing this mod with a 2013 or newer truck. I got a vin number for a 2013 2500HD deniali .. The clocking spring fits 2013 trucks with the heated wheel and updated airbag.. I will be installing this mod on my New/Used 2013 Chevy 2500HD LTZ in a week or so. I will follow up with pictures and part numbers. I believe that it should work.
  5. Still for sale.. had a buyer .. don't know where he went...
  6. For sale black OE rear gate handle bezel. I upgraded to a OE rear camera locking bezel. $40 Shipped! (2-3 delivery via priority mail) Text 860-777-8978 or email [email protected]
  7. For sale OEM factory radio with USB but NON Bose system. Removed from my truck at 4,600 miles. I upgraded to a factory Nav./DVD unit with back up camera. $115.00 Shipped! (2-3 day Shipping via priority mail) text 860-777-8978 or email [email protected]
  8. For sale manual rear view mirror. Removed from my truck at 4,600 miles... $25 shipped! (2-3 day delivery via priority mail) text 860-777-8978 or email [email protected]
  9. For sale OE Door handles. These handles were taken off my truck at 4,600 miles. They are in mint condition.. $50 Shipped! (2-3 day delivery via priority mail) Text 860-777-8978 or email [email protected] PS sorry about the upside down pictures. Could not fix the pictures.
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