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  1. Hey man, glad it helped someone out. That was my original intention of the post. To answer your question, the reason they are saying it will not work with adjustable pedals would be because the amp/dsp module mounts up under the dash behind the pedals. If you could find an alternate way to mount the module in the same area, I'm pretty sure there was enough cable length to make it work. The install couldn't have been any easier. The toughest part is routing to power wires from the engine compartment/battery to the interior of the truck. However, they are only like 18 gauge cable and the instructions show you where to route them. Just takes a little patience. The rest was cake! Still very happy with this system. Like I said, it won't compete with complete aftermarket systems, but if you want a little more volume, clarity and a nice low end to your music, you would be very happy with this! Also, sorry for the delayed response. I haven't been on in a while!
  2. Oh and by the way, they do have just a subwoofer/amp upgrade kit as well: http://www.crutchfield.com/p_206SSICRE7/Soundgate-SubStage-SSICRE07-by-Kicker.html
  3. I understand what you're saying, as I've had $3500-4000 systems in the past in other cars. Like I said in the post above, I didn't want to have to change all the speakers, add amps, find places to mount amps, lose cab space, etc... If I wanted to, I would have spent $4000 on the system, that's not the issue. I merely reviewed the system for others who may be interested in upgrading the factory system without the pains of installing aftermarket systems. I have been playing around with aftermarket stereo equipment for 20 years now, and after a while I just got tired of it....that's why this was worth every dollar to me. This is no different than the Advent OGM-1 vs. any other aftermarket multimedia receiver, some folks just want simplicity that works without issue. I didn't start this post to debate this system vs. full aftermarket sub/amp/door speakers. Like I said, I know a while back there were some folks on here looking for an upgrade solution without ripping the entire truck apart and all that. If I can help any of you out in any way, let me know.
  4. Hey guys, It's been quite a while since I last posted here, but I really wanted to share this with you: http://www.crutchfield.com/p_206PSICRE7/Soundgate-Powerstage-System-by-Kicker.html?tp=49859 I just installed this system today and I must say, I'm impressed. I bought this system because it fit all my needs: 1. It is all plug and play other than running two small gauge power wires from the battery into the cab. 2. I did not have to change the factory speakers 3. I lost a minimal amount of space since the sub box/amp mount under the rear passenger seat. Kicker really did their homework on this kit. The wiring harnesses are incredible. It adds a 50x4 watt amp to power the factory speakers and also has a digital processor to help tune out the factory speaker issues. This amp mounts up under the dash utilizing existing mounting points. I can't believe how great this thing sounds! The 200 watts from the sub amp pushing the 10" sub is more than adequate. You won't wake the neighbors up, but it is loud and musical. This kit was pricey but it was worth every cent. BTW I do have the OGM-1 and with its EQ this thing really sings! This system will also work with the factory head unit as it utilizes a T harness between the deck and the factory harness. If someone has the same wants I did and wants to easily upgrade the anemic factory system with minimal change, this kit is perfect! Please let me know if you have any questions about something I did not cover! Randy
  5. Read the first page of this thread....the OP wrote a great review covering all of this
  6. That's funny I was just thinking that I was getting bored with my current splash screen...thanks Walt!
  7. They should do something with the XM channel artwork to jazz up the XM screen a little. Here is a shot of the XM screen on my Pioneer unit in my other car
  8. Hey guys just installed my camera kit today and I just thought I'd throw a few helpful tips out there... 1. If your truck has the easy up tailgate, make sure your drill lower than center on the tailgate, otherwise you'll run right into the torsion bar that run through the bottom of the tailgate. 2. I found out today that the connection of the video coax cable at the back of the head unit is a loose fit, make sure you wrap some electrical tape around the connection before you put the deck back in the dash. Mine came loose and I spent an hour checking grounds and power before I realized what happened! And thanks to Walt for answering the phone to help me troubleshoot! Amazing guy. I highly recommend all of you guys who are thinking about buying the Advent and/or backup camera to buy from him. Randy
  9. Thanks for doing this write up! My backup camera kit will be here on monday and this really helped me out! Nice work!
  10. I just ordered my rear camera tailgate kit from Walt as well! Looking forward to it showing up!
  11. I installed mine last night...half hour start to finish thanks to Walt's help. This thing is awesome. Amazing how everything just works so easy and pictures don't do it justice...it looks beautiful in the dash. After messing around quite a bit with Pioneer navi units in my other vehicles, I can promise you that I will never buy anything but an Advent from here on out.
  12. Ohio

    Westerville, outside of Columbus!
  13. Hey guys, My first post on this forum. I just purchased a 2011 Silverado three weeks ago, and this thread is what got me to join up. After installing a Pioneer Navi unit in my 2009 HHR SS, I had already decided I wasn't going to fuss with putting one in my truck......enter this thread, Walt's knowledge, and the Advent product. In the coming weeks I will be buying this unit and the tailgate handle camera kit to put into my truck. What a wonderful forum this is, and I would like to thank the original poster, Walt and everyone else that has made this singlehandedly one of the most informative and useful topics I've ever read. Can't wait until I can order my Advent system!! Happy Holidays, Randy

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