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    2016 GMC 1500 SLT/Z71 DBL Cab 4x4
  1. This is what I found online and it's the reason I called because I was very unhappy with my truck. They came though and made it right. Good luck, hope you get it figured out. Warranty, Repair & Lemon Law Help At GM, we pride ourselves on ensuring an exceptional ownership experience. From purchasing your new Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac or GMC vehicle to your vehicle’s service, we are here to support you. If you are not enjoying an exceptional experience - anything from ongoing warranty concerns to having difficulty getting your vehicle repaired, contact GM and let us help. We understand that customers may turn in many directions for assistance, including the local Better Business Bureau, State Attorney Generals, and Lemon Law firms. Make GM your first choice when you need help with your GM vehicle - give us the opportunity to earn your trust and maintain your confidence. Contact Us Via Email [email protected] Contact Us Via Phone 1-866-636-2273 Monday to Saturday 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST
  2. Call GM customer Service and get them moving on it. Tell them how you feel about the truck and your dealership experience. That's what I did and they worked with the dealer on getting my truck fixed. Got my truck fixed with a brand new Rear Differential plus they sent me a letter for $1000 GM accessories for my inconvenience. Which I'm picking up tomorrow it like Christmas in April! I have owed many GM trucks...this one is by far the best!!
  3. That is how I felt. I couldn't stand driving this nice new truck. So I wasn't going to mess around and that's why I call GM right away. When I took the truck in the 2nd time the dealer had a whole different tune. GM is the only vehicles I will buy...you will get it figured out and will be able to enjoy your vehicle. My last truck (2013 Silverado) was never back to the dealer once, I had it for three years. These major problems can happen but I do believe GM wants happy customers.
  4. Also I forgot to mention I called GMC Customer Service to tell them how unhappy I was with the truck. This was after my first dealer visit with them saying to put more miles on it and if it still does it bring it back. Well to say the least I was pissed! They called my dealer to set up another appointment and gave me weekly phone calls to see how the repair was going. When It did get repaired GM said they were sending me a $1000 certificate to use on any GM accessory. So I would definitely give them a call. The number is in your owners manual. To say the least, I am very a very happy GM owner!! And I love my quit truck!
  5. Why don't they just put in a new rear diff? It's no cost to the dealer...it's under warranty isn't it?
  6. 9.3 fixed mine...finally love the radio!
  7. I would find a different dealer. My dealer was great! They put in a brand new complete rear differential. My truck has never been this quite.
  8. GM performance Intake

    What is the new available exhaust? Is It a Borla like the one that is available now though GM?
  9. Well I picked up my truck this afternoon from the dealer and no more rear diff. noise. I'm very happy!! The dealer and GM have a satisfied customer!!
  10. 2016 whine noise

    Well all fixed!!! no more noise. Not sure what component of the rear diff that was causing the the noise but replacing the completed rear diff asm took care of the problem. I'm very happy its like a new truck!!
  11. 2016 whine noise

    Here is a update. The new rear diff is going in today. Service Adviser told me the tech is going to stay until its in. They will test drive tomorrow and give me a call after the test drive. Hoping for good news!!
  12. Interesting...Mine does it all the time on the gas or off.
  13. Same problem here with my 2016 Sierra 1500 4wd 8spd trans with a 3.42 gear. I hear the whining noise at 35mph up to 50mph. After the 2nd visit to the dealer they are installing a completed rear diff asm. My truck only has 5,000 miles on it.
  14. 2016 whine noise

    Well here is a update on my 2016 SLT/Z71 5.3L / 8-speed. I took it back to the dealer for the 2nd time for the whining sound (35 mph) that they agreed was a abnormal sound but GM didn't want to do any thing at this visit because the truck only had about 2,000 mile on it. Dealer told me to bring it back if it gets worse. Well it never got worse but it never got better either. On this visit they switch tires out but still had noise. GM technical service instructed the dealer to inspect the rear differential, Nothing was found so GM told them to replace the completed rear differential with a new one. I'm hoping this will take care of it. I'm just happy the dealer and GM are willing to work on the problem rather then tell me it normal.
  15. I put on the GM ones. They fit perfect and were very easy to install. Found them on eBay for a lot less then the dealers around me wanted.

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