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  1. Signals never worked on the passenger side. They did on my stock mirrors though. Some shake going down the highway. About what I expected though.
  2. Anyone ever had to return a mirror direct to Kool Vue? The signal doesn't work on my passenger mirror. The company I bought them from says they're out of stock and can only off me a refund. I can't find much info online regarding kool vue's warranty policy.
  3. If I remember right, GM states in the manual that there are two max RPM levels for the Duramax. One for acceleration and one for deceleration. The drive train is designed to handle it and as stated above the computer won't let things get out of hand. It sure gives you a shock when you're not ready for it though
  4. 2007 trucks had transmission grade braking but not the exhaust brake. My 2001 Duramax service truck (12000 lbs) had it and I used it all the time in the Rockies. It wouldn't slow the truck down on long hills but would hold speed if you tapped the brakes at the top of the hill. Tow/Haul in auto and tap the breaks at the top and the truck should downshift. Don't panic when the RPM's shoot way over the redline. They're designed to handle it and will up shift if things get dangerous. I'd have the trailer brakes checked out as well.
  5. Thanks guys finally found a set at Amazon. They have them for $95 a piece with free shipping if anyone is looking for a set. Thats with heat and signal.
  6. It's nuts. Was just down looking at the river again. Close to 1700 m3/s flow now. Few feet of water though alot of the downtown
  7. Anybody else in Calgary? Hope everyone is staying dry. It's pretty crazy out there.
  8. Where are you guys ordering mirrors from? I ordered a set from Partstrain.com. The left one shipped but now they're telling me the right one is out of stock. Everywhere I check seems to be out of stock. One mirror isn't much good to me haha Thanks
  9. Thanks All. Lots of good information on here.
  10. I had some luck gluing fishing weights to the back of them on my work Duramax. Didn't completely solve the issue but damped out the vibrations some.
  11. Thanks for all the advice. Just ordered a set. $295 all in. Not bad considering what they want for them at the dealer.
  12. Yeah those are the ones. Was thinking of going without the signals (never had them on other trucks) but I guess I'll stick with them again this time.
  13. Thanks. Was worried they would have different connectors or something. Didn't want to find that out after I drove to Montana to pick them up. Are the Kool Vue's a reputable/quality product?
  14. Looking at picking up a set of towing mirrors for my 2006. The truck currently has the power folding, signal, dimming mirrors. I notice on alot of adds they state that the mirrors will not work with these options. I realize the towing mirrors aren't power folding or auto dimming. Is it just that these options will not work with the new mirrors? Or are there issues controlling them? Thanks
  15. Hey All, New guy from Calgary, Alberta. First time poster on this forum. Drive a 2006 Silverado crew cab Z71 5.3. Currently only has a Blackbear tune. Planning on a few more small changes over the next few months. Thanks for the info and help in advance.
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