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  1. Thank you for the response crankman. I like the bumper! How was the install? Are you happy with the fit?
  2. Me and Momma "2015"
  3. Ma and Momma "1988"
  4. wendon65


    Still all Chevy!
  5. wendon65


    All Chevy. 2015 - 2500HD
  6. wendon65


    Tyler. You show 2 sets of wheels. Where is the set with the angled spokes?
  7. I purchased my first new Silverado last fall. Yay!!!! I asked if anyone had installed new front bumpers to the updated 2500 HD. Has anyone done this yet and do you have pictures. I would like to see what people are doing to customize.
  8. wendon65


    Truck looks awesome. Can you give some detail to the lift? I have the same truck in the 2015.
  9. wendon65

    2015 Silverado

    My First New Silverado. After 30 years of driving and 2 second hand Silverado's. I finally own a brand new one. YAY!!!!
  10. hey guys, Sorry to be a johnny come lately. I have had my 2015 2500 HD for 2 weeks now. I am also looking to level out the front end. I have not seen a lot on the 2500 HD front lift and I have the Z71 Rancho package. Are there any recomendations on a leveling kit for this truck. I think a kit that includes new upper control arms is probably the right way to go. I was surprised to not see Rancho as I am looking at a lot of kits. Don
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