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  1. Which cover are you entering to win? - I am entering to win the LOMAX cover for a 2015 Silverado Crew with the 5'8" bed. Tell us why the LOMAX cover is perfect for your truck? - It is a more durable cover than the leather / vinyl covers out there. I love the low profile look and you cant get that with most brands offered. What features are most important to you when buying a tonneau cover, why? Durability, and water tight protection! Do you have a tonneau cover on your truck? If so, which cover is it? Why are you looking for a change? I currently have a truxedo low pro QT cover. It leaks like crazy even after recommendations from them and a few remedies i have tried. Currently can't put anything back there that needs to stay dry. I also have been looking into hard covers, this one looks like a perfect match. What do you use your truck for? I use it for both work and play. I tow a trailer 4-5 days a week and haul tires in the bed quite often.
  2. For what its worth, and if the original poster is still looking, that G-Floor through Home Depot is OSHA approved for shop/industrial flooring. I have it in my mobile service trailer. I cut it with a razor knife and a bit of heat. I'm sure jack stands would leave an indention but it will most definitely hold up to some abuse.
  3. Yep, got it installed. I wired it wrong.. instead of looking at the diagram I just matched the colors.
  4. I just bought the new style camper / tow mirrors from my dealer. (Black, non powerfold, with turns, amber running lights, and led reverse) Paid just under $700 for the set and harnesses through a buddy's employee discount. That said, the $1400 for new powerfold installed sounds about right.
  5. If it doesn't already have it, install a remote start. Problem solved. Putting up and taking down that canopy every day seems like a lot more trouble than its worth
  6. I just got a call from my dealer with a recall on the 4x4 system. It has something to do with engage / disengage programming. That is probably your issue.
  7. I'm going through the process of putting a business on the road that requires me to pull a trailer daily. Different business, same concept I suppose. Started my LLC for around $300. Might cost more or less depending on what your attorney charges. The amount of expenses you can write off under an LLC or Corp. is worth it alone.. The USDOT number will cost you around $300 initially, and $250 per year to maintain. You will need a physical done yearly as well, by a doctor who is approved to do so for commissioned drivers. I assume most insurance policies cover part or all of it as a yearly visit. I also assume most doctors can do the physical, not positive though. The commercial insurance isn't really too bad. I was quoted about $1200/year on a million dollar general liability policy. You might not have to get that coverage but you will have to get commercial auto insurance. That I was quoted about $800 for the year with around half a million total coverage. I haven't crossed the commercial truck registration bridge yet, cant help there yet
  8. I probably should have paid a bit more attention to the wiring diagram before connecting the harnesses.. For anyone looking to use the GM plug provided with the tow package and the generic Tekonsha plug : GM Red to Tekonsha Black = Power GM Black to Tekonsha White = Ground GM White to Tekonsha Red = Brake Signal GM Blue to Tekonsha Blue = Controller output to Brakes
  9. Has anyone used the factory harness provided by GM with the harness that comes with the P3? I wired mine up yesterday, matched the colors. Blue, Red, Black, White. Plugged the unit in and still has no power. The wire gauge did not match for the black and white wires (smaller on the GM harness) but didn't think that would make a difference. Could it be a fuse maybe? I don't want to buy the "plug and play" harness from Tekonsha if I don't have to. (Installing on a 2015 Silverado 1500. Dont have the factory harness part # handy)
  10. I'm starting a business that will require me to pull a trailer that will weigh roughly 5,000 lbs daily. Trailer in question is a 7x16 Haulmark V nose, 7' interior height, insulated. Curb weight 2650 plus equipment. I currently drive a 2015 crew cab 1500 with the 3.42 rear end. I know it can handle the weight, I'm just worried about long term issues. Any recommendations to ease the load / wear and tear? Im trying to upgrade to a 2500HD but getting out of a lease is like taking a swift kick to the nuts... Also, finding one in the right price range without 160K miles is tough. Thanks in advance for any help / advice I can get.
  11. I've read a few articles on the "AppShop" by GM.. not sure if they actually went live with it, or just put it on the back burner because of the plans with Andriod and iOS systems for next year so here's my question.. Without the factory NAV system, can I add the weather app to my '15? I do have the wifi in my truck, and will more than likely keep that as long as I don't need a full subscription to OnStar for it.
  12. Keep it and add a few mods! I just lost my '12 in an accident... If i hadn't that truck would have been run well past the 150 mark. I have the same plan now.. I just had to start over with a '15. Can't wait until these payments are done with.. (only 59 months to go lol)
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