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    2013 silverado 1500
  1. New member from Kansas

    an update on Silverado, got 6600 miles. still awesome! the ticking noise turned out to be a fuel injector, whew! the fuel milage is very good, 19 to 20 mpg on every tank so far. no oil consumption. very pleased!
  2. image

    thanks JrocK817, it did, driving home from from work today, I drove under a bridge that is being worked on, there was water pouring down on the blvd below, yep you guessed it , covered the truck in concrete infused water , from cutting. well,.... now its clean again. kina funny NOW. not then!
  3. image

    Wax on Friday, dirty on Saturday , dang it. What a waste, sort of :-)))
  4. In the field

    This is amazing, the z-71 handles the bumps and dips in the field a lot smoother than the old work truck! I don't even have to hold on.
  5. JOTD

    Thanks I'm still smiling I was a big fan until they got rid of manning, now not so much. It was fun watching him work!
  6. JOTD

    Japanese scientists have now created a camera with such a fantastic shutter speed that it is now possible to take a photograph of a woman with her mouth closed. If I have offended anybody by this joke , I truly apologize ,but dang it that's funny
  7. New member from Kansas

    And yes the oil is still on full mark!
  8. New member from Kansas

    Hi all just an update. I got 3350 miles on the truck now. Runs awesome and overall very pleased. Within the last week has developed what I call a lifter tick, never goes away. Can't hear it while driving , but it's there when I get out to listen. And that's when cold or operating temps. From what I've read here doesn't sound very promising , ill be taking it in soon. Let y'all know the verdict when I find out.
  9. Cleaned tailgate

    Cleaned off tailgate from all the advertising and vinyl taped the bow tie
  10. Vinyl tape bow tie

    Vinyl taped the yella bow tie.
  11. I'm needin to mow!

  12. image

    Shine awesome, kinda cool pic
  13. image

    Added tonneau cover and cleaned and waxed , purdy!
  14. My first Chevy

  15. My first Chevy


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