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    Joseph Montalbano Jr.
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    Working on my truck in my spare time, beer, sports, and that's about it
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    1999 GMC Sierra SLE 1500 Series
  1. Truck Customization

    That's what im runnning on my sierra 275/R55/20's I bought 4 Kumo racing tires for it about less than a month ago for a hell of a deal. Boughtem on Amazaon.com for $578.00 flat no shipping no tax. .
  2. Truck Customization

    Awsome posts! Are those 20's or 22's chawkins6789?
  3. Do you have a special project for you're truck? Do you have idea's about how you would like you're truck to look? Stand out from the rest and post you're photo's guys!
  4. Removed rear drive axles and removed and replaced rusted out back plates behind the brake calipers with new ones. Also installed a brand new polished aluminum rear differential cover as well.
  5. My truck bought On July 8th 2012

    Gave it it's first bath the day after I bought it.
  6. My truck Febuary 2nd 2013 Pic 2

    Before modiciations were done to the front of the truck
  7. March 9th 2013 Rear Led lights On

    Had to remove the rear bumper. Was completely rusted out and bent from prior owner. Will post updated photo when I get the new rear bumper installed.
  8. Cut out the old GMC grill with a dremmel. Sanded down, primed and painted grill bracket black and installed new stainless steel billette grill.
  9. Changed out the old rear light to clear LED.

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