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  1. Actually interesting you brought this up. I too ordered the Range from autoanything. Box looked like it was used already, not even sealed etc. I just thought whatever, as long as it works. Plugged it in, drove to the mall fine. Got out, tried to fire up the truck and light show like you had with no start. Unplugged the Range and started right up. Didn't even know about the different version issues. I had returned it and haven't ordered anything since.
  2. Hi all, I've been getting ready to put in some footwell lights into my 14 Sierra, and I had seen someone with a K2 splice into the gray wire under the dash so that the lights come on and off with vehicle entry. Does anybody know what connector would be used to splice into that gray wire? Or is there a kit that might come with this already? The light i have just has a bare red and black wire, so I'm trying to figure out how to splice into that gray wire under the dash. Not electrically inclined at all so sorry if this seems like a stupid question. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. The funny thing is, looking at the prices you're talking about I wish I could find that here in Mass where I live. You're lucky to find an acre in a nice development for under 175,000. Good luck whichever way you end up going.
  4. I think real estate is such a personal choice in your life you're really not going to get anybody in the same position as you, with the same desires and needs. You have to look at yourself, your wife, and any future family and decide what do you feel is better for you in the long run and your financial situation. What will work for one person may not work for you. Personally, I prefer the quiet, more rural area and that just happens to be cheaper in your situation. In my situation here, that is actually the more expensive option. Have to consider the market and area for the future if you ever have to sell, there's just far too many variables that you really just need to make a personal choice based on your situation.
  5. I've had the double cab since I bought new in 2013 (2014 model GMC). I've hauled adults around pretty comfortably (wouldn't do long trips though) and the extra foot on that bed has come in handy. I do know when the first baby comes around that I'm going to want to upgrade to the Crew though, but for now, and the past 3 years, the longer bed has been worth the smaller backseat.
  6. Just wondering if anybody is running 275/60-20's on a 2014 Sierra 1500 with stock suspension? Was just hoping someone might have a pic on how it would look and if they ran into any rubbing.
  7. I'm guessing that is problem my problem. This is my first time installing coil over struts and didn't realize you have to compress them during the install. I wasn't compressing them so the bump stop wasn't reaching the bump stop cap so I was definitely installing them wrong. I have the old assembly back on the truck so I wasn't able to take a picture of it.
  8. Hey just wondering if anybody might have any advice on this? I'm kind of stuck with these so I was hoping someone who installed the 5100's might have some advice. Any help is appreciated!
  9. Hi guys, I was hoping someone might be able to help me out with this. I have a 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 All Terrain 4x4. I had purchased a set of Bilstein 5100 struts for the front and went to install them today. The instructions were to re-use the OEM upper assembly from the rancho's I took off; however, when I went to put the bump stop on the shock, it seemed to be too short (didn't make contact with the bump stop cap). It was about an inch too short. Once this happened, I held the shocks side by side and it looked like the ranchos were a little shorter than the Bilsteins. The bilstein's that I ordered were 24-238304. Did I do something wrong here? Was there a different upper assembly I was supposed to use than the OEM?
  10. I just sprayed the leafs themselves, in between the springs and the u bolts
  11. My 14 sierra originally had noisy Ranchos in the back and bilsteins solved that. Then I noticed the leafs were squeaking. Sprayes it with fluid film and it's been perfect. I spray it every once in a while when they look dry
  12. oh boy, sounds like I have a fun install ahead of me That's perfect, definitely will come in handy
  13. Thanks for the tips. I'm thinking of putting the Bilstein one notch up from stock, just for a little less rake but not too bad. Hopefully won't much trouble. Appreciate the help. Now if this damn weather will just cooperate here in the NE
  14. hmm I didn't think by looking at it, it would even be possible to take out that shock without at least removing the link and possibly an control arm. That sounds like it can be done with a little patience. Has anybody done that without removing those other parts?
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