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  1. Can you elaborate on your tailgate dampener fix, please. I have a 2018 that I feel the dampener is not consistent. Have held off taking back to the dealer since some days the tailgate drops down firm, and other times is does exhibit some dampening action. My truck is 1.5 years old with just 8500 miles. Bought it to replace my previous 2012 that had 50k miles. It is a vast improvement over the 2012, especially how quiet the powertrain is.
  2. I have this small protector standard on my 2018 Silverado half ton. But, I believe that the fenders and rear quarter designs are different between the Sierra and the Silverado. So, the Silverado part will not fit on a Sierra. Another suggestion would be to check in to some mud guards for your front fenders. I have a set of Husky brand on both the front and the rear. They are the 2nd set that I have purchased and am quite pleased with them. The first was for my 2012 truck.
  3. So Shakey, have you sold your Range after getting a tune?
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