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  1. Post Pictures Of Your Trucks

    Been awhile since I visited. Lots of water under/over the bridge. These are the last pics of the Chevy SilverNali I will post. After having her 10 years, I sold her yesterday. She was a good girl..87,760 miles of solid performance. No leaks, no issues. I replaced her with the enemy..a 2018 Toyota 4Runner TRD Off Road. All my best to all y'all here in GM land.
  2. 2007 2500HD "Denali HD"

    A "Denalized" 2500HD
  3. 2005 GMC sierra 4wd problem

    Your description really fits a scenario for the dashboard 4WD switch being bad. I found a video about 4WD switch problems being a large percentage of the root cause of 4WD Service lights. It has the procedure for checking the impedance of the various switch positions. Might save you some $$$$. Just need a multimeter. I think it's worth a try before going to the dealership. You can find the video under you tube user "MAY03LT"
  4. 2005 GMC sierra 4wd problem

    What about a Tech-2 with a CAN interface? As long as you have the software? Thanks.... cause I was thinking of getting one for my 2007.
  5. 2005 GMC sierra 4wd problem

    Agree that the OBDII code will hopefully tell the story. You will need 4WD to explore the Jemez this winter. I do miss living in Rio Rancho and having 10 billion acres of backyard to explore.
  6. Remember folks, we are all Primer and steel underneath. We all bleed oil and tranny fluid. We must come together and sing Cum-bi-ya.
  7. I more like cranky. 2007 Classic 2500HD. I turned the adjusters about two turns to level the front to the rear. Didn't really affect the ride at all. Still stiff.
  8. A hidden fuel pump interrupt switch is easy to do. I do wonder if the BCM might give a code if it picks up the dead circuit??
  9. I went with Alpine 6 1/2 Co-Axials in the doors. Bass is just okay. I wanted more so I put in a double 12" under seat box in back of my extended cab. That has made all the difference. I changed the head unit to a JVC double DIN 10 inch touch screen DVD and just use the internal amp. 15 watts per channel is enough to drive those woofers just fine. I do have a 600 watt rear amp still in the box that just isn't necessary. I do suggest adding tweeters to any truck cab at drivers listening height. GM did at the "A" pillars on some Bose system trucks. That helps the high end a bit.
  10. I run 285/75-17 with no issues other than a 4% speedo error.
  11. clearing trouble code

    Anymore most small repair shops/oil change lube shop usually have an OBDII tool to clear codes.
  12. image

    Looks good all leveled out!
  13. IMG 5107

    Sharp ride!
  14. Hello from T-Town

    Hey and howdy. I want to say thanks for the info I gathered on my daytime driving lights and fog light problems. This is a great resource so I thought I would join. Sometimes I wish the GM BCM would magically disappear. Old guys like me get grumbly over "puters' controlling everything. I wonder how long before my neighbors iPhone will accidentally remote start my Chebby??

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