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  1. found a brand new delco airfilter from my 2013 duramax while cleaning garage. if anyone is close to 11727 and wants to come by and grab it let me know. its free and wont ship
  2. lt 235 80 17 cooper m&s snows on factory chrome 17 in wheels. 8x180 lug pattern. great condition includes caps lugs and factory sensors. located on long island 625.00
  3. not sure of the bolt but make sure you get it aligned when you get your height set
  4. that aeroskin is what im looking for but cant find 1 for the air induction hood
  5. any recommendations for bug/ hood deflector for 2017 duramax with air induction hood? didnt really want to put 1 but getting some chips in that area and had a rock bounce off and chip windshield. a few ive seen says not for air induction hood. i guess it interferes with the airflow. thanks
  6. i went with 275 70 18 size even though i could have went a little bigger as there was plenty of room even before i had a level kit installed. this is my daily driver. i usually run a dedicated snows for the winter that i had for my 2013 but this truck sits higher and my snows are a little smaller and narrower and i dont think they would have looked that great. the exos did real good in the snow but not as good at the cooper snows. im going to put the snows and wheels for sale in the fall and pick up a set again but just a little larger as i already have a spare set of wheels. i work crazy hours during the winter and the weather is no excuse to get to and from work and the cooper snows stick to the road no matter what the weather is doing
  7. Put the exp on my 2017 dmax 2 days after I picked up truck at end of July. Very pleased with tires.good wet traction , very good in snow and wearing well after about 10,000 miles.i don’t think they are loud at all and quieter than the Duramax that came with truck.i like the aggressive look.only towed 2 times with them about 10,000 lbs and they fine. I wanted a heavier tire for the diesel so decided to try these
  8. i had the ltxat2 on a 2500. great road tire but not so good even on wet grass. i went with nitto exo grappler and an very pleased. aggressive look good on the wet roads and good for the snow here in ny . look at the cooper all terrain lot of guys at work running them
  9. set of 4 chevy 8 lug wheel caps. they were on my 03 2500 silverado so i think they fit up to 2010. they are the painted caps with bowtie that were on the steel wheels. 50.00 shipped .
  10. even though some said to just crank the bars i went with the ready lift kit. i used the same on my 2013 by the same shop and am happy with the results. went up a hair under 2 inches to leave some rake and the truck looks good and ride is the same.had it aligned and shock extensions installed. will probably have the ranchos swapped out next year when i bring it back to have alignment checked. next is to have the sport bar that came with truck painted to match the truck. had the front windows slightly tinted to keep it legal as there is a new law here in ny . the shop who installed the kit is an alignment shop that does aftermarket upgrades told me my right side was a almost a half inch lower than the left before he started. i never noticed
  11. best riding tire on the road and in rain conditions was the michelin ltx at2 but they werent too good off the pavement and sucked in the snow. wound up going to a set of dedicated snows for the winter here on last truck. worst tire i have had was the general grabber at2. good in the beginning but after 10,000 miles lost all wet traction and took off the truck way too early. presently running nitto exo grapplers and very happy with them. had them on last truck and within 2 days of buying new one took off the factory duratracs and put the nittos on. a few guys i work with running the cooper at3 and love them. if i was to put a less aggressive tire on then the nittos it would have been the coopers.
  12. cooper m&s snow tires. lt 235 80 17 on gmc factory chrome 8x180 wheels. lugs, gmc caps and sensors included.used for parts of 2 winters. great condition great for plowing or winter set. traded truck so no longer needed. located on long island. 700.00
  13. going to be putting a set for sale soon . had them on my 2013 2500 for winter tires because the michelins sucked in the snow but were great rest of time. have since traded that truck. they are 235 80 17 on 8x180 chrome factory wheels . only put them on for parts of 2 winters. would wait until the threat of real snow then swap them out. unreal traction in the snow . will post today or tom in for sale section
  14. sorry just sold on monday
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