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  1. Mine did this as well, screen went black, would play music for 15 minutes with no display the quit. It was the human interface module or something close to those words. You have to take it in as the module requires programming and is synced to your vin/truck as well. Hope that s helps, Ski
  2. How does it ride now, I have one in my garage and was thinking of installing it soon. Thanks, Ski
  3. Congrats, post some pics whenu get it in. Ski
  4. Purchased a 16 2500hd ltz duramax in Oct and recall the dealer telling me you will not regret this. They were/are 100% right, truck is amazing. 20% off a 60k truck is a lot of money to pass-up and you won't see that on a 17. Best of luck, Ski
  5. Traded in my 2011 3500hd ccsb 6.0 for a loaded duramax z71, lovin the truck so far. Power is amazing. Nice trucks everyone, Ski
  6. Just picked her up Thursday, traded in my 2011 gasser for the duramax ltz z71. Nice trucks everyone. Ski
  7. Tilt steering? If so check the connection to the ignition switch, and the back of the. Headlight switch...hope this helps. Ski
  8. There is a button below the light dimmer for fog lights, it doesn't look like a normal switch but push it in....not sure about the headlights but to turn the knob...hope it helps. Ski
  9. Wayne, you coulda bought a manual yourself instead of writing a finely worded frustration post to everyone....if I knew the answers to anything you asked I woulda told you. By the book and rtfb...ski
  10. Have them wrapped in color match vinyl. The good stuff like 3M is very durable and when done correctly you cannot tell it is wrapped. It will look smooth and clean just like paint. I wrapped the lower trim below my wife's trunk on her traverse and it protects it from scratching and gouging the paint below it. Best yet white is easy to match with vinyl. Hope it helps, an nice truck. Ski
  11. Chevor, well done nicely built truck. Ski
  12. Great pic, I would say it was honestly cracked. As for the previous plate that was supposedly changed at 40K, not buying you would not know until now that is was replaced along with some steering parts. My two cents, parts break, owning vehicles cost, and if there was a known systemic issue with the flex plates it would be all over this page, but there isn't. Buy the new plate, take the 4 hours to change it, and enjoy your Chevrolet as your vehicle is well past the warranty and the "I Care" range for Chevrolet to even offer you an oil change or consider your issue a problem.
  13. just a shot in the dark as this happened to my sons Saturn but does your door chime work? I believe the circuit is routed through it, so if the door switch circuit doesn't work nor will the radio. Hope this works, Ski
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