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  1. Same here, I don't live on my phone like many others, so I don't pay any monthly service plans for my phone. So paying for the data package is worth it to me.
  2. I noticed with mine, when connected to Android Auto my phone disconnects from the WIFI. Since my truck is not equipped with navigation, I use my phone. Without the WIFI, it uses up my phone's mobile data. Anyone else notice this? Not sure it Android Auto causing this or a phone issue, but if I recall, when connected to Android Auto, it kinda takes over the phone and you can't really control much. Mike
  3. I agree, the Caddy tail lights are blinding setting behind one at a light. With the Sierra head lights, I find the fog lights help a little, but if there are no street lights, your basically driving blind when making turns. These trucks need corner lights that come on with the blinker. I'm gonna have to check on the upgrade when I go in for the oil change.
  4. Wow, I was hoping there was a programming issue with mine. I guess the 15's don't have the adjustments the 14 has. Going from a 14 SLE double cab, to a 15 SLT Crew with the bose system, the 14 provided a lot more adjustments for the sound. Also where the 15 has either Talk or Custom, the 14 has several options of presets, like Talk, Rock, Country, Custom and probably 4-5 others I can't recall. The 14 just had more tuneability, and it didn't have the bose option.
  5. To start, I'm very happy with my truck, 2014 GMC SLE Double Cab. However, I did have one issue with the truck. Within the first month, and less then a 1000 miles, I noticed that the bottom of the tailgate was rubbing on a couple of the ribs of the bed floor. It was noticed by the powder residue lines left on the tailgate. Reported it to the dealer, and they took care of the issue. They provided me with a loaner, a 2014 crew cab 4x4 SL and it had less mileage then mine. To realign the tailgate, lower brackets had to be moved. Problem is, the brackets are aligned before the truck is painted, so to realign the tailgate, this required repainting of the tailgate jams. And the tailgate was repainted as well. So basically, I'm not here to complain, but to inform. Since I suspect the tailgate and brackets are installed and aligned using robotics, I suspect there maybe others out there with the same issue. Now for a couple of suggestions for GM.... 1. Storage behind or under the rear seat. The rear seat does not fold forward, and currently no one offers an under seat storage for the Double Cab. I have no where to store stuff like jumper cables, long ice scraper, tow straps, etc. 2. Someone mentioned this earlier also. When using the hands free calling, after making an out bound call, the screen does not return to the audio screen automatically. However, I have noticed, after an incoming call, the screen returns to the audio screen automatically. The above suggestions are not deal breakers, and I'm sure an under seat storage will become available. As for the paint issue, yes it's unfortunate, and would rather not of had any issues. However, previously having a very similar job as Jennifer (years ago for GMC), I have seen both ends of the spectrum, customers with valid vehicle issues, as well as my share of unrealistic customers. Oh, and lastly, this is my first GM vehicle. Leased it, planning to purchase. Good thing I didn't buy it, I'll probably upgrade, I already miss the crew cab, and the more I see them, I'm liking the All-Terrain look with less chrome, So overall, I'm currently happy with the truck. It rides and drives great. Now, just waiting for spring time, to see how it tows the race car (open trailer). Sorry for book. Mike.
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