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  1. Really thank you so so much. Sorry my reply come late:)
  2. Hello dears I'm from Saudi Arabia have 2013 GMC Sierra Denali . But have problem with navigation system. My car have gm denso hdd system (have photo in attachment) Not work with all functions, only have limit function By our dealer only one in Saudi . When I want open any functions they ask me For spend money for example: Map update or wither function or another. My car full options. But dealer very bad. Please is it possible to change OS or navigation sys to IGO or Garmin? Or need change all system with new device? Let question : my device OS its android or another ?? Thank you all
  3. Friend from Saudi

    Waaaaw I no KAUST But the problem it's far from Jeddah Also no have transportation there Need car to visit anywhere haha☺
  4. Friend from Saudi

    Thanks friend 🌺🌺
  5. Friend from Saudi

    No , Riyadh capital city of Saudi have morethan 5 million people's .
  6. Friend from Saudi

    Welcome anytime at your second home Next time visit us in Riyadh ✨✨
  7. Friend from Saudi

    Thank you ;)
  8. I want to say hello for all here 😘
  9. Ok thank you so much Have a nice day 🌹
  10. Hi When purchased the car dealer give it Like this not enable! I'm visit the dealer they say we don't have any navigation system information For this car it's new 2013 Here in Saudi only 3 bad dealers 😢
  11. hello there i have 2013 gmc sierra denali with denso hdd navigation system no have weather function! have problem with voice command i cant use all voice commands and no have xm function and when i pressed the button for command saying connection is error i don't know why all disable by dealer also Bluetooth disable i cant use all system any one can help me please

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