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  1. Undercover Flex. Thanks, I like it so far. Sent from my iPhone 6+
  2. Finally got a tonneau cover put on today. Went with the Undercover Flex. Very happy with it so far. I love how low-profile it is. Sent from my iPhone 6+
  3. Yeah you were right. I couldn't remember without seeing my truck forever. Sent from my iPhone 6+
  4. Lookin good man!! Sent from my iPhone 6+
  5. Exhaust looks good. How does it sound? Sent from my iPhone 6+
  6. I would think so. Will probably depend on your offset though. I have a 10" lift and my 38s fit fine wth no rubbing whatsoever. Sent from my iPhone 6+
  7. Sweet! Another Bulletproof lift member! Sent from my iPhone 6+
  8. It's been a month since I've driven it. Had to take a pic. Sent from my iPhone 6+
  9. Very nice! And welcome! Sent from my iPhone 6+
  10. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. I think GM is doing some great things. You mention the ford cars that are doing well. I'm pretty sure the camaro has beat the mustang for a few years now. The ctsv and atsv are both great cars, the Stingray and Z06 are right up there with a lot of super cars. But as far as trucks go, I definitely disagree that Ford is dominating. The sales numbers have been neck and neck. Plus, the part that really matters is I know I would rather have my truck than anything ford can throw out there. I've driven a Ram a new F150 and I don't consider either a better truck, obviously, which is why I went with the Silverado. Even if the Ford does the quarter mile a hair quicker, pulls a lil more (which I don't think either is correct), I would still prefer the Silverado/Sierra. And the fact that the sales numbers are so close says a lot of others would too. Just curious, but what made you get a Sierra if you think the Ford trucks are so great? Sent from my iPhone 6+
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