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  1. The 2015s seem (to me) to ride softer than the previous years. It only had 30 miles on it when i put the level and bilstiens on it so i didn't really notice any ride differance. My boss, who drives a 2013 chevy 1500, said it rode to rough for him. But honestly we run them with 75+ psi in the tires, you can drop that down a little bit if the ride is too harsh.
  2. Doesn't look great but looks better than if we ripped it off off-road. We are pretty hard on bumpers.
  3. Exact same suspension, motor/ drivetrain as the 11-14's, the part numbers on the keys and shocks matched the part numbers on a 13 2500 I did 2 weeks ago.
  4. Our new work trucks, removed / cut front air dam, ready lift keys, bilstien front shocks, 285/70r 17 cooper stt Started with 9" of ground clearance at the front bumper just in front of the tire. Now have 21" of ground clearance.
  5. Got around to installing the Gibson 5656 catback last night. About 1.5 hours install including cutting behind the factory muffler with a hack saw (sore........). For the money >$400 I am very happy. It is louder than i anticipated but not to loud. No drone in V4 mode but it does sound pretty funny. Pic on ground with my helper. There was a small dent in one of the stainless tips and one of the pipes that goes in the muffler on the outlet side had been crushed just a little bit. I think they couldave packaged everything a little better. When i saw it on the porch one of the hangers wa
  6. http://s245.photobucket.com/user/brewguy101/library/Mobile%20Uploads
  7. Go rhino dominator 2. used to slide out. do ctually use them now though. <iframe width="480" height="360" src="http://s245.photobucket.com/user/brewguy101/embed/slideshow/Mobile%20Uploads"></iframe>
  8. ^^^ same here, we have a 2012 5.3 work truck with 2000 miles and i never can feel the transition. On our 2014 it is very noticeable, almost feels like a shift.
  9. Their new all terrain should be out soon. Maybe thats why the tire shop didnt recomend them. http://www.fourwheeler.com/news/1312-new-bfgoodrich-all-terrain-ta-ko2-in-the-works/
  10. I ran bfg's on my work f-250. they wore pretty fast. And not that great in mud. Currintly running duratracs on my jeep. Great traction in everything ive thrown at them (lite rock crawling and mud). But ive only had them on for 8000 miles so i dont know about wear yet. + they look meaty like a mud tire without the road noise.
  11. just from looking at the pictures i was surprised when you said no trimming. Does it only rub in reverse with the wheel turned all the way to the left and on the drivers side?
  12. I'll tell you what would be cool. 5.3 junkyard swap and a turbo.
  13. i like it. i just don't like it $1000 much. Maybe if someone gets it and doesn't like it i will take it off their hands for 500....
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