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  1. Both times it was uphill, once on dirt the other on a snowy drive.
  2. Have a 2014 Sierra 5.3 Auto 4X4 with 30k on it. Recently I have used 4x4 auto going up a hill and heard/felt a loud bang from the driveline. Anyone have info on this?
  3. Thinking of a new Silverado / Sierra and interested in the diesel. Anyone have feedback about warming it in the morning? I have had diesels with no augmented heater that took forever to warm the cabin in the morning, even using remote start. What are you finding?
  4. Yes I did purchase new, 4 years ago. OnStar blames it on a dealer (not mine) and the dealer blames OnStar. Had I perished I would have come back to haunt OnStar!
  5. Im just hoping its cured. This truck has been possessed earlier in its life but I really like it and have kept it nice so I still want to keep it. Hopefully you dont hear anything more from me about this! Thanks all.
  6. So I walked out this morning and my truck was running yet again on its own. Got inside pushed the blue onstar button and they ran a maintenance check, when she asked me how I was enjoying my truck and mentioned my name I soon figured out the problem. I'm not Mr Hooper and whomever that is had control of my vin number! Once they cleared that up and gave me 3 more months of onstar free they said I should not have any more issues! My dealer was ecstatic since they had never see this before. I will report back...
  7. Brought it home from my friends, disconnected the battery for 6 hours and so far no episodes, that was a couple days ago!
  8. Does anyone know how to disable remote start or disconnect satellite antenna?
  9. Took it to my friends last night and it has already locked itself, not sure if it ran but now I know its something amiss with the truck, damn...
  10. When I have caught it, seems to have run for a few minutes, long enough to get temp to 160 degrees (garage is 50). Lots of great ideas here, thanks! Lets see if it still does it at my friends house (let it gas him out).
  11. Taking it to a friends 2 miles away and leaving it unlocked in his garage to see if its my neighborhood or the truck!
  12. No pets, truck is closed up tight, garage is totally finished and you can eat off the floor. Odd that you mention ground... A couple years back I had problems with this truck for over a year, left me stranded 5 times and towed to shop under warranty. After 6 trips the dealer felt sorry for us and wanted to lemon law but they later that day found the the negative battery cable was not crimped at the bottom of the cable and it would slide in and out of the plastic sheath causing the truck to die & run with temp change. New cable and its been fine for a year, now this. I asked the dealer if they could change the code and remotes to correct and they thought not. Its now almost a daily thing where I find it running or at lease the doors locked remotely. The batterys have been out of the remotes and the keys not near the truck. NO one has been in my home so ...
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