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  1. I'd get the trade assist offer in writing.. If you go to arbitration and GM has already made an offer I imagine it would be hard for the arbitrator to decide you are due any less than that offer?? My issue is/was that if they do rule in your favor and GM is forced into the buyback the law (at lease in MA) says they can deduct value for miles driven (usage) which for me makes the whole excercise not worth the return... Usage charge is a calculation based on MSRP, so the more the truck costs the more the usage fee is per mile. My truck is less than a year and a half old and I'm approaching 45K mi, so at about $0.50/mi thats almost half the value of the truck for me..
  2. Good luck! I spent months going through the BS.. Ended up meeting with the regional rep who told me "ehh it doesn't vibrate as badly as some others I've driven" I was offered $5K trade assist and was refused a buyback offer. I told him I thought I had grounds for a lemon law suit and he said if I chose to go that route trade assist was off the table and he would personally see it through to arbitration. ---Called my bluff pretty good, I don't want to put the effort into a legal case and by the time it would have been settled the usage fee for the miles I drive wouldn't have made it worth it. Soo I ordered a 6.2L and 4 months later still wasn't in production. I'm not sure if I could have felt any less love from GM during the whole ordeal..
  3. Mine did the same thing when I got it, it's super annoying. Since they've replaced my rear end, driveshaft, and shocks trying to fix my vibration it seems to have gone away...
  4. Unfortunately due to my long commute it now has 25K on it (exactly 1 year last week since I took delivery). Problem has been there since mile #1, truck has spent more than 50 service days at the dealer while trying to fix. -Yea, I know, I should expect to see a reduced value due to usage. However, I don't think I should be penalized for the miles I've had to drive while GM took their time to get to the point where they've exhausted their options to repair the truck.
  5. Moxie, I'm in the same boat! Dealer, service techs, field engineers and analysis agree there is a vibe. GM District manager disagrees, tells me he thinks "it rides better than most he's driven" and that he WILL NOT buy it back. Offered me $5K assistance and refused to negotiate. Leaves me almost $7K in the hole to get into a '15. Feels like GM is reverting to the pre-bailout GM... Basically leaving me with no other avenue but to get a lawyer involved. $50K for the truck and tehy wont even stand behind thier warranty.
  6. Just another perspective here, I've been working through the vibes for a while now. EVA done by service tech and GM field engineer, both confirmed vibes. Mine is at both 40-50 and 70+ mph. Interesting thing is that in the 40-50 range putting the truck in neutral stops the vibe (sounds like a trans/engine related issue to me!). Work done (issue still not solved): Evaluated on-site by 2 different field service engineers RF balanced wheels/tires 3X Entire rear end replaced. Replacement rear end re-measured to confirm it's in spec Driveshaft replaced engine/trans/transfer case mounts shimmed all 4 shocks/struts replaced (not sure about the reasoning on that, dictated by the date code on the originals, TSB/recall related maybe?) Swapped wheels/tires with 18" from dealer, off of a non-vibrator Trucks been to dealer 6X for this, currenlty has been there for 40 days! Going in to talk to the general manager today, time to move on from this, Dealer has been great through whole ordeal but they've exhausted their options, and I'm tired of paying for a truck that spends more time at the dealer than in my driveway.
  7. Update: truck is back at dealer, GM Engineer instrumented truck, confirmed vibe is coming from "driveline" engineer shimmed motor mounts, trans, transfercase in different combinations. Not fixed. Next they replaced driveshaft, Not fixed. Now they want to rebuild ring and pinion because "some replacement rear ends are just as bad as the factory ones". Stay tuned....
  8. I have a brand new pair of in-channel Weathertechs that I bought for my 14 Sierra, decided not to install them. If anyone is looking for a pair (fronts only) at a discount PM me.
  9. 1. Exactly what truck config you have. A. 2014 Sierra SLT, Doublecab, 4WD, 5.3, 3.42, 20" factory All-terrain wheels, stock tires. No Suspension mods. 2. A short list of what, if anything, the dealer has tried to replace. A. RF balance stock tires/wheels 2X, no change, no imbalance noted by dealer B. Field engineer contacted came to look at truck, measured rear gears determined rear-end was the problem. (tolerance is .002" mine measure between .008" and .016" in 12 different places) C. Entire rear end, hub to hub replaced with new one. 3. Where you stand today. Is it fixed? Is it not fixed? A. Not fixed, no change at all. 4. General speeds/conditions the problem happens. Load or no load. Any passengers A. Vibration is the same passengers or not, truck has never been loaded or used to tow. Truck has 20K mi since new in March and vibe has been there since mile 1. B. 40-50mph during acceleration and/or sustained speed driving C. 50-40mph, vibe is most aggressive during light braking. D. 50-40mph vibe will go away completely when trans is put in neutral. E. 70-85mph during acceleration and/or sustained speed driving F. Vibe can be felt, in all conditions, in steering wheel, seat and floor.
  10. Price depends how much of the truck you get covered, and how much prep the truck needs.. I love mine (Xpel Ultimate), 7mos 16K mi, no chips/scratches on my AT front end. Plus its great when washing, don't have to worry as much about scrubbing the really stubborn bug guts off. Yet to see how it holds up to New England winters
  11. Here are a couple. Sorry its been pouring all day, can't really get out to get inside pictures
  12. Definitely interested. Can the truck be driven while the module is removed?
  13. I have the Xpel Ultimate on mine. Drove directly from the dealer to the detailer to have it put on. Had a "custom" wrap (not the pre-cut) on the bumper, grill, headlights, front 1/3 of hood & fenders. It wasn't cheap, at least not what I'd consider cheap, but everything was hand cut and wrapped around all the edges. I'm very happy with it, it's only been a month though. Love that I can only see the film line at certain angles and I'm not afraid to scratch it when I grab the detailer spray to get rid of a bug/bird dump.
  14. If you turn the radio back on after it auto shuts off (by pressing power button), same thing happens if you open the drivers door, radio will remain on. Pressing the radio power button will turn it off.
  15. I have the Undercover Flex. Not impressed with the finish/attention to detail. There are beads of sealant showing on the exterior of some of the rubber seals, the rod & lever lock on the third panel is very flimsy, if the long rod (passenger side) is not perfectly aligned with the rails the whole rod bows out and it doesn't lock under the rail. Lots of sharp edges on the sheetmetal brackets and the rail caps aren't sealed into the rails. All these things would be easy to overlook in a lower priced product, but for $700+ I would at least expect them to have someone wiping the excess sealant off the exterior seals. As for functionality, its easy to open/close, and only took about 20mins to install. I did have to get softer tubing for the drains. Seems to be pretty watertight, a decent day of rain and a pretty thorough washing and there was only a bit of water at the front of the bed where it leaked between the rail and the end cap with the drain fitting (a bit of silicone should solve that). It did take about 2 days of 40°-50° weather before the bedside seals relaxed and laid completely flat against the rail caps.
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