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  1. I've been working with my local dealer for a while and took a break after the module replace and software update and just trying to live with the crappy out of HD sound and sporatic random drops until today. This AM I get in the truck, start the engine, radio plays but screen is black backlit. Had it not come on now 4 or 5 times at random and usually a turn off, remove key, restart truck works. This time 3 times including reverse out of driveway (camera worked) did not get the thing to boot the radio module. Had to shut off, pull key, open door, close door and wait for a couple minutes after interior darkened then tried again and it worked. Sadly as i told them i can't reproduce at will and there is nothing different when it doenst work. Local garage is looking for a "unplublished" update that just came out but i'm guessing someone here got it already and they want to check a connecting cable they said another truck had a bad one. I'm not knocking these guys as they are trying but man this is getting frustrating having to deal with so many trips to the garage, loaner cars, etc in the less then 2 years of had this pickup.
  2. I'm hoping you get a response to that email. I had my truck brought in as well and have had it for a week today. I love the truck other than the radio reception and hoping for a tad better mpg after break in. This radio is worse than any car I've owned or ridden in. The signal drops in town or outside and as stated by others go in and out in a 5 ft distance with no terrain, elevation or building change. I'll be keeping an eye here and talking with service dept. soon.
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