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  1. Phone mount?

    Built this mount. Plugged into front usb so I can use android auto
  2. It's doable, I've done it before at my work. I use abs material to make a new plate. If my customer drops in one day, I'll take a pic
  3. Left rear speaker - pos = green, neg = green/black Right rear speaker - pos = white, neg = blue/black Located at the back of the radio in a green 16 pin plug. Pins 3 and 11, 4 and 12
  4. Sorry, quoted the wrong person. Your answer is above brandonros
  5. Use this. It's a complete knockout https://axxessinterfaces.com/product/AX-GMUSBAUX-6?search=Usb&retains_oe_usb=1
  6. Is the belltech strut at the lowest setting? The strut is all you used to lower the front? I ask bc I need to install mine, and am wondering if I should only lower it an inch. Thanks
  7. When I took the dock apart, I used it to router the opening in the 1/4" abs.
  8. Ordered the dock from Amazon, tore it apart, built the base out of abs, then wrapped it in vinyl
  9. 2018 and it is my mute button for my radar detector
  10. https://navtv.com/products/NTV-KIT838/m650-gm.html Another option if you have the funds. I have a denali coming into the shop in a week or so. Using this piece with a helix dsp pro
  11. Bc i hate seeing loose cables, I don't use my cigarette lighter plugs, and I can't leave stuff alone....
  12. Power sliding rear window

    Ill take that trade lol, i prefer the one piece that my 2014 had. When u come up to Canada for the swap, bring me a set of 24" strada codas with you from cali haha
  13. Ya the jx 1000 will be able to move them. Make sure u get the 8ohm subs. Have them wired in parallel @ 2ohms and you will get max output from the amp

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