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  1. 20190406_205149_1.mp4 This is the sound it is making
  2. Anyone else ever notice a high pitch whining noise from their engine bay while washing the exterior of the truck or when it rains? My truck is off and in complete rest mode, and I use a standard pressure garden house. It sounds like a computer is in pain lol
  3. You won't have to fish another wire through with the 3 prong. There's a fuse that can turn your sockets to ignition power. Take that and feed your 3 prong switch, then use the single wire to the relay in the engine compartment
  4. Is your relay in the engine bay? If it is, wire the 2 pole switch with accessory/ignition in and out. Accessory/ignition out to relay pin 86, then pin 87 to light bar 12v. Pin 30 and 85 will go to battery. Did you run 2 wires from the console switch to the engine compartment?
  5. The purpose of the relay in your diagram is to convert a negative trigger to a positive output. If you want to use a 3 prong switch with a positive in, positive out, you would wire the relay - pin86 positive in, pin87 positive output, pin85 ground in, pin30 fused 12volt in
  6. I bought the ebay overlay from galaxymotoinc and had it painted summit white. Went this route bc it was already smooth
  7. I'm working on a 2015 silverado hd ltz right now and you can dim the reverse image. Wierd how this hd has it stock
  8. Wiper Blades

    Piaa and my windshield is also ceramic coated
  9. GM certified front camera

    Going to throw in a 4th option for you, it's the PAC audio mcigm52. This module allows you to add a front or trailer camera and 2 blind spot cameras. No additional programming required, plug and play unit for $450 on Amazon. You can set the front camera to turn on: - after leaving reverse gear and it will turn off when you reach 8mph - automatically turn on at speeds below 10mph only when the wheels are turned - and forced operation I use pac modules consistently at work and highly recommend their products
  10. Phone mount?

    Built this mount. Plugged into front usb so I can use android auto
  11. It's doable, I've done it before at my work. I use abs material to make a new plate. If my customer drops in one day, I'll take a pic
  12. Left rear speaker - pos = green, neg = green/black Right rear speaker - pos = white, neg = blue/black Located at the back of the radio in a green 16 pin plug. Pins 3 and 11, 4 and 12
  13. Sorry, quoted the wrong person. Your answer is above brandonros
  14. Use this. It's a complete knockout https://axxessinterfaces.com/product/AX-GMUSBAUX-6?search=Usb&retains_oe_usb=1

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