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  1. All jl sub stealth boxes produce more then enough bass for most people. I prefer 12s bc they hit the lower notes compared to 10s. This is what I built for myself.
  2. I built it for a customer. That's my go to enclosure for the sierra/silverado, it hits hard. If your looking to buy a similar enclosure within the US, check out MTI acoustics.
  3. New 24s and red tow hooks

    Yup, that's actually better then mine. That's their new flagship, dr900. Similar features as mine, but it records in 4k and has a better wifi processor
  4. New 24s and red tow hooks

    Blackvue dr750s 2ch. 1080p with front cam @ 60fps and rear cam @ 30fps. I have it hooked up to a power management pro, which let's it run full time without draining the battery. Blackvue has the has one of the most user friendly apps on any phone platform. I sell and install them all the time
  5. Yes you can order harness adapters online that will convert the h11 output to h1. Or you can go to the parts store and buy the ends and make them yourself
  6. New 24s and red tow hooks

    I just took off the oem 22s and I would say the ride quality is almost the same. With the rear lowered, the truck isn't top heavy in turns anymore. Ya i dont like leaving it outside, but my dashcam is hooked up to my WiFi, so I got 24hr motion sensors and notifications lol. Also, my truck has a tilt sensor in it that texts me. Bc the truck is summit white, I was able to use Plasti dip on the emblems. I use to paint them, but they would get chipped every winter and I would have to repaint them. Then I switched to vinyl, but the vinyl would get dried out bc of the sun/heat and chip/crack. Plasti dip is the most durable product I've used on emblems
  7. New 24s and red tow hooks

    Drop shackle and leaf block removed in the rear. The front will be lowered with belltech struts when I get time
  8. New 24s and red tow hooks

    Yup s213 8 ball on 305/35/24
  9. New 24s and red tow hooks

    Just up the coast from you. I'm in Vancouver, BC
  10. Under truck lights?

    Don't do the Amp lights if you want white to match your puddle lights bc they are purple/white. I used the Amp leds, great product, just wish they were a white led
  11. iPad Console Kit

    I'm sure he can build the center console ipad mini holder for you. Also, the top pic still retains the use of the factory screen when the iPad isn't in
  12. iPad Console Kit

  13. iPad Console Kit

    Rafael Felix (rafaspec) and Doug Bernard (soundman) were the innovators of ipad integration. Doug makes side slider kits if you want to do it yourself, or you can send your console to Rafa and he will build it and send it back.
  14. 20190406_205149_1.mp4 This is the sound it is making

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