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  1. Ill take that trade lol, i prefer the one piece that my 2014 had. When u come up to Canada for the swap, bring me a set of 24" strada codas with you from cali haha
  2. Ya the jx 1000 will be able to move them. Make sure u get the 8ohm subs. Have them wired in parallel @ 2ohms and you will get max output from the amp
  3. I stand behind jl audio amps and subs. I've personally used and installed these amps at my shop for years and have had a great success record. I also like audiocontrol amplifiers. There are 1ohm stable, have alot of power, and have a built in LOC. This will give you a higher voltage preouts, a Cuba's for sub roll off, and gto turn on if you can't /don't want to find a remote turn on
  4. Nope, u can control the output by using the gain setting. I also recommended that amp bc u mentioned if you weren't happy with the single, u might purchase the dual setup. Atleast this way you won't have to buy another amp
  5. Do yourself a favor and return the XD amp, bc you will be working it pretty hard. Buy the jl jx500/1, more power the better. The technology is similar to the XD line. Also, buy an audiocontrol lc2i for your Loc. The lc2i produces 9.5v preouts, therefore places less stress on your amp and factory electrical system. I have dual 12tw3 on the jx 500/1 and my gain is at halfway, and the subs are loud. Don't forget to order a sub control knob as well
  6. I've installed a couple different exhaust systems on sierras at my work. For my ears, my muffler delete sounded better than those $1000 cat back systems. I do alot of freeway driving, so I wasn't looking for loud. Just wanted it to sound like a truck. Maybe try a muffler delete for $80 before dumping a bunch of $ on a full system
  7. When I had my 2014 sierra, I bought the GM smooth, onyx black fender trim and mud flaps. I just bought my summit white 2018 and had the parts sprayed to match. They didn't have to do any sanding
  8. The mud flaps and fender trim were originally oem black and lasted 4 years. They never chipped and i have put them through some harsh winter driving. I just had them painted white to match.
  9. My 2018 has them....... I gutted my 2014 and made sure to swap the center console before trade in hahaha
  10. Color matched fender trim, emblems, and gap between hood and grill. Still have to color match red part of all terrain emblem. Lowered the rear 3.25" waiting for Belltech lowering strut for the front.

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